Reliability Ride – Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make yesterdays event such a success.  These events depend on the hard work and good will of all members,  whether you’re just supporting the event by riding or getting involved with the organisation.

Special mention must go to Nici, Aycan and the girls for putting on a great spread of food and making sure all the riders were fed and watered, to Ray for helping with sign on and to Rocco for doing pretty well everything I was meant to do!  I also have to say a big thank you to Jayne Paine for helping with the signs.  She thought that we were going to put a sign at the start and another on a roundabout five miles later pointing back the way we’d come and then we’d go to the pub. We never did get to the pub…

This seems to be a good time to say that I am looking for a successor to organise next years edition.  It’s an opportunity to put something into the club and you’ll be well supported by myself and the other members. You’ll also get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with the knowledge that you made a hundred riders suffer!


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  1. Wendy Mears says:

    Well done John and to all the others helpers. I enjoyed the smaller ride, just what I needed on a Sunday morning.

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