Racing and Injury News from Gladys

First the racing news. Alex Pierce, who is now studying at Manchester University, rode in the Lancaster University CC Spring Criteriums and took 7th place in Round One on the Salt Ayre circuit event.

Here is what Alex had to report:

Opened my season up last weekend with a rather chilly e123 crit at the Salt Ayre circuit in Lancaster. There was a fairly strong looking field with Pedal Heaven and Catford riders represented. A group of 3 riders (including someone from pedal heaven) got away towards the end and I put in a big effort to bridge across to them, only for us to be reeled back in by the bunch with 3 laps to go. The group splintered in the last lap as the pace went up and I picked up 7th in the sprint that followed. First 3 points in the bag, a relative shock given the lack of training I have done!
This weekend I have a National B level crit on the same circuit and following that the BUCS Uni Track Champs on the 12th and 13th, so a busy few weeks!
p.s. I’m wearing Uni kit up north but I’m still first claim so all the points are going towards the Willesden

Elsewhere Tony Woodford was in a crash and broke his femur and Rich Cooper (below) fell in Black Park and has a spiral fracture of the fibula. Welcome to safe cycling!


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2 Responses to Racing and Injury News from Gladys

  1. hippy says:

    Ouch! Heal up fellas!

  2. Kerry Kennedy says:

    Listen to the health pros, do the required exercises, don’t dwell on the accident, plan the rehab at a slow , steady pace and all will be well. Broke my hip in 2012 and it is almost all Ok, but with some muscle problems. Also 4 years older!!!

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