Paris-Brest 2011 – Bulletin 3

Just a brief update – I had a txt from Vyv at 5:00am this morning saying that all our riders had left the Willesden camp at Loudeac and that the support team were now trying to get some sleep.

Mike the Bike, Peter K. and Colin A. have now reached Brest. I think Martin is probably getting his first sleep stop at Carhaix on the way back – it looks as though he’ll be back in Paris in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Full details here

Miles Back

07:40 23/08/11

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  1. Gladys says:

    John I found Wendy on the Audax site by her frame number. We seem to have acquired a few Willesden riders that I haven’t heard of before!

  2. Rocco Richardson says:

    I dont know how Gladys got a number from a name. Every time I tried it wouldn’t show anything. Liz says there seems to be a few Willesdenriders that she hasn’t heard of either.I say as long as they are not DNF who cares. Check out Stue Lee 8505 as well.

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