October Festival of Racing at Hillingdon

Saturday 2 October

Youth races
4th Cat Men’s race
Women’s race for Cat E/1/2/3 riders


Race 1: 13.15 start for 30mins for U8, U10 and U14

U8 placings for each age category count towards club prize
U10 placings for each age category count towards club prize

£220 cash awards shared between the top three clubs
as earned by their riders in each of the three youngest age categories – split as follows
first club: £150
second club: £40
third club: £30

Points awarded:
According to finishing position in each age group and also based on number of riders in each age group.

Winner under-14 boy £20
Winner under-14 girl £20

Race 2: 14.00 start for 30mins – U12 and U16

Placings for each individual rider also count towards the club prizes as the £220 on offer is shared between riders in the three youngest age groups – U8, U10 and U12

Winner under-16 boy £20
Winner under-16 girl £20

Race 3: 14:45p Men’s 4th Cat race – 1 hour + 5laps

Race 4: 14:46 Women’s E/1st/2nd/3rd Cat race – 1hour + 4 laps


Youth race:
Entries on the line £3
Judge and commissaire for youth races:
Steve May – stevemay@dircon.co.uk

Adult races:
Advance entries £13
Entries on the line £16

Adult races: entry fee includes a £1 supplement to be paid out to the race winner.

Cheques made out to:
John Leitch
7 The Avenue,

email: johnleitch65@googlemail.com
mob: 07963 377 249
home: 01737 84 36 01


How will the points system work?

Well, if there are 20 riders are in your age category, for example, then the winner gets 20 points while the second-placed finisher gets 19 points and so on all the way down to the one point earned by the rider finishing in 20th place. That means everyone counts. You all pick up points for your club.

If there were 15 riders in the next age category, say, then the points on offer would range from 15 down to 1.

So the more riders we come with, the better our chances?


In all, there will be prize money of £300 for us, but how is it split out?

The £300 is split between £220 for the age groups Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8 leaving the £80 balance for the riders competing in the Under 16 and Under 14 age groups.

OK. How will the £220 be split?

The top three clubs will share in the total:

first: £150
second: £40
third: £30

What is there for the two older categories: U14 and U16?

Last year it was chaotic running five age groups at once, so splitting everyone between two races should make life easier for Steve May and his team of eagle-eyed judges who have to do the totting up.

In the three youngest categories, riders tend to split and finish individually, so that’s not bad to judge.

However the U14 and U16 get tactical and often finish in a packs and that’s why Steve has asked for them to be allocated to different races, so we have U14 in the first race and U16 in the following event…please note they are not both in the second race!!

What do they stand to collect?

A total of £80, split between four individual winners:

winner under-14 boy £20
winner under-14 girl £20
winner under-16 boy £20
winner under-16 girl £20

Ray Kelly
26 Aug 2010

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