Mo(o)re three wheeled records

Mark Brooking and Jane Moore saddled up on the Longborrow and aimed for a record or two, or more.

Here is Mark’s report –

Twenty years on from the last 12 hour I rode and with with zero speed training the heavyweight man and machine came up trumps!
At the start there were two gents of similar vintage on a standard tandem. They lasted less than 3 hours.

So Mark Brooking and Jane Moore stuck it out to –

1. Record 206.95miles and become VTTA National 12 hour champions.
2. Also won the tandem event
3. Can claim a Willesden club record as previous stoker was from
another club.
4. I think it might also be a national VTTA best for 54/47 age
5. It is a best for the London and home counties group as they have
no tandem trike figures recorded. Jim Burghin will know more
about that than I do.

Some pictures from the event attached.

Mark11406750_762551210524517_4828704118240489999_o-1 10863832_762554857190819_8755307179004519321_o 10003694_762552390524399_6683682268144305772_o

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2 Responses to Mo(o)re three wheeled records

  1. Ian Why says:

    Well done Mark & Jane.

  2. hippy says:

    Takin’ names (and records)! Great stuff guys!

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