Moon Shines in last weeks results

1-old crocks 17-8-14 (26)

The Hillingdon C.C. ran their annual Old Crocks 10 mile timetrial on the Amersham Road yesterday and Brian Moon recorded a 30.55 which with his handicap allowance made him the winner.

2-old crocks 17-8-14x (7)

Beryl Brookes of the Hillingdon C.C. awarding Brian Moon his cup

Time trialists, riding 10 miles, in the Cronon C.C. event on a course west of Cambridge recorded the following times:
Ed Packard
22.59 (a season’s best)
Pete Cookson 23.37
Gill Reynolds 25.40

In a large field at Hillingdon circuit on Tuesday evening Darryl Lusardi finished 6th, Tony Lusardi 30th and Connor Woodford 44th.

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  1. Cheryl Rogers says:

    Hello Brian, Still cycling so I see. Well done on your win for this race. Would love to hear from you.
    Kind Regards
    Cheryl Rogers

    PS Please pass this on to Brian Moon

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