Mille Miglia – day 6

Mel, Ian and Peter have now reached the finish line in Nerviano. Well done guys – a really gritty effort.

Mel and Peter arrived back last night between 9pm and 10pm. Ian was enjoying it so much he decided to spend a little longer on the road finishing at 01:22 am this morning.

Their times were –

119hr:44mn Mel Kirkland
120hr.02mn Peter Turnbull
123hr:51mn Ian Oliver

I believe some if not all of our riders will be coming back home today. I look forward to hearing their adventures as well as posting some photos.

You’ll be pleased to know that is the last of my daily updates on the Mille Miglia. It has been a great event to follow and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

John D.
22 Aug 2009

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