Mark Doel Joins British Cycling

Many of us in the Willesden know Mark Doel. Ian Why has written in to announce that Mark has been appointed by British Cycling as their Regional Event Officer for the Central region.

Mark (pictured above in the white shirt in the centre of the group) is one of nine freshly minted REOs for British Cycling. Over the next few months, the officers will carry out an audit of their regions to assess current event structure, identify gaps in provision and areas of opportunities. Working with regional boards, British Cycling will develop individual event programmes tailored to the regions, aimed at growing capacity and improving the quality of events.

Each programme will be supported by training courses for volunteers, race officials and commissaires that will equip them with new skills and improve their experience of hosting competitive cycling events. As more and more people are attracted to recreational cycling events such as Skyride, the appetite for competitive cycling will grow. The REOs are there to make sure British Cycling can meet this demand and to establish exciting competitive events across their regions.

So we will expect to hear a lot from Mark in the future and how he can help us stage and run our events.

Miles Back

25 Oct 09

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