Hippy’s epic ride

You must read this on Hippy’s blog. Why wasn’t he wearing club colours? Over to you Ray.

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  1. Chris Vessey says:

    Marj and I went to see the final stages of this year’s 24hour event in E.Sussex and sat in a layby on the the A27 urging all riders though onto the finishing course.
    Could someone please help me navigate onto Stuart Bernie’s blog

  2. hippy says:

    I’ve only got a Willesden skinsuit – not such a good idea for a 24hr.
    Grupetto colours to keep my mates happy.

  3. Chris Vessey says:

    Thanks for that Stuart. I hear you achieved 450 miles has that been ratified yet, if so one brilliant ride congratulations. I have ridden 9 of these 24’s the first was the best, and then it was all down hill, they are NOT easy rides !!!
    Did you see the bloke in the Willesden jersey by TK3 on the A27 finishing course ?
    If you had been wearing club strip I would have seen you coming, but agree with you a skinsuit is not for riding this event.

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