Hillingdon granted planning permission for 250m banked track

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The good news is that there is now planning permission for an open air 250m banked track within Hillingdon cycle racing circuit. Now the challenge is to seek the £1.25m to construct it.

Initially the support of British Cycling is needed from funds it influences coming from government sources such as UK Sport and the Lottery. Currently the detail of this funding is being assessed on behalf of British Cycling by outsourced consultants who will need convincing that it will be well used.

Accordingly, and with no commitment, it would be greatly appreciated if you would indicate on whether you are likely to use a velodrome at Hillingdon on the basis of:

  • Weekly ‘come and try’ casual training
  • Regular race league
  • Regular coaching
  • Occasional specialised coaching
  • Club coaching sessions
  • Any other ideas

Many thanks,

Stuart Benstead
Chairman, Hillingdon Cycle Circuit Users Group.

An early e-mail reply to hillingdon.velodrome@icloud.com would be appreciated. Please identify your club to give geographical credence.

If you would like to view the planning permission document have a look here.

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  1. Richard shaw says:

    I believe a velodrome at Hillingdon will be well used. I have two children who are members of a cycling club there and who will both definitely use it. I will also be an occasional user.

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