Going Down To The Pub

Whilst we have all been in lockdown, I have been looking at future events to organise on the social front. It appears to me that we can sometimes combine rides with social events. There are many places we haven’t been to before in Bucks, Herts and Oxon that offer some nice roads and great scenery.  Oxford City is an example of a marvellous place to visit on or off the bike. Even if we only use the famous city as a backdrop for a coffee and a ride through. How about getting the train out, visiting the famous Ashmolean Museum and cycling home?

In the next few weeks we will be working behind the scenes to work on new ride routes that might take in some of the more interesting places in our bordering counties west of London like Waddesdon Manor, Buckingham Town and Claydon Manor.

Club members please drop me an email if you can think of anything worth adding to the list. The aim is to start a number of rides from Amersham to give us a few miles further to explore.

Sorry if you clicked on the link looking for a Pub Run 🙁

It was just ‘click bait’ to get you to read this blog but suffice to say we will be looking to have a number of nights out on offer as soon as we can.


Gerry McManus





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