Fun Day Results

Despite the heavy rain before the start another great fun day for club members and their families with a good turn out once again. fun day results 2014

1 Lap Time Trial
Alex Pierce 2.10
Tom Zittel 2.12
Roger Woodford 2.13
Darryl Lusardi 2.14
Connor Woodford 2.17
Rich Cooper 2.22
Tony Woodford 2.31
Rod Woodford 2.31
Chris Kelly 2.33
Hannah Keating 2.34
Simon Passey 2.35
John Wheatley 2.41
Ray Kelly 2.42
Richard Creese 2.44
Abby Old 2.56
Jim Meares 2.56
Charlotte Zittel 2.58
Vyv Baker 2.59
Kye Lewis 3.04
Vic White 3.16
Liz Creese 3.58
1 Lap Time Trial Under 10s
Lucie Woodford 4.13
Vicky Woodford 4.24
Maddie Woodford 4.24
Kattie Creese 6.56
Joe Mears 8.41
Harriet Mears 8.54
Slow Bike Race
Simon Passey Adult
Vicky Woodford U10
Team Sprint Winning Team
Lucie Woodford
Ray Kelly
Hannah Keating
Halil Mehmed
Tony Woodford
Darryl Lusardi
8 Lap Handicap Race
1st Roger Woodford
2nd Tom Zittel
3rd Connor Woodford
4th Alex Pierce
5th Darryl Lusardi
7th Rich Cooper
8th Halil Mehmed
9th Tony Woodford
10th Simon Passey
10th Alex Pierce
U10 1 Lap Handicap Race
1st Kattie Creese
2nd Lucie Woodford
3rd Vicky Woodford
4th Maddie Woodford
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