Follow Jane Moore’s attempt on the End to End Record


Jane Moore 2014-07-28At 6:00am next Monday 4th August, Jane Moore will start her attempt on the End to End tricycle record and potentially the 1,000mile record. Her Directeur Sportif is the one and only Mark Brooking, so she couldn’t be in more capable, caring and knowledgeable hands. While Jane has been out training for this marathon Mark has been carefully planning the attempt and bringing all the officials and helpers together for this event.

The Tricycle Association will be providing regular updates on Jane’s Attempt on their site (see here), so please check regularly to see how her attempt is going .

For a full schedule of her journey please download this PDF file – Jane Moore – E2E_Schedule

Good luck Jane!

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11 Responses to Follow Jane Moore’s attempt on the End to End Record

  1. edward says:

    Good luck Jane! Love the epic schedule 😀

  2. Lynn says:

    May the wind always be behind you. All the very best of luck!

  3. Nick McCullough says:

    Good luck Jane, awe inspiring !

  4. Bernie S says:

    Best of luck Jane, I will be on Redhill outside Bristol to give you a shout

  5. arabella says:

    Where’re the snoozes under nice fluffy quilts, the 5* meals and so forth in your schedule?
    Good Luck!

  6. Pamela and John Rowland says:

    Well done. thinking of you. Pam, john and Richard xxx.

  7. Latest on Jane is that she was approaching Taunton about an hour ago and going well, which is more than can be said for Mark’s car.
    For the latest see

  8. Christine Davison says:

    Keep up the good work. All here wishing you along. Christine, Richard, Neil, Susan and others

  9. Helen McQuillan says:

    I return from a fortnight sunbathing to discover you are doing this!! All the best, keep safe and enjoy the experience. Best of luck, love Helen, Keith, Faye & Charlotte x

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