Club run – Wokingham Farm Cafe

Wokingham Farm Cafe. An interesting ride?  Yes we can.

autumn Not an actual picture 

Two groups set off, but only one made it.  An incident in the main peloton brought three riders down outside the Fat Duck in Bray.  Fortunately it is believed that no-one sustained serious injury.  Less fortunately no-one rushed out of the restaurant to invite riders in for the tasting menu.  I did not see what happened, but I am sure there are lessons to be learned.

The medium-paced group (with a few new and prospective members, led by the club runs captain) played tortoise and hare with the main peloton, and reached the Stables first.  En route, in a week of news about terrible cycling incidents, it was a shame to happen upon an ambulance and a rider down in the road on the way.  The larger group was last heard of lost somewhere in Bracknell, but they all and ended up back at Dorney with plenty of miles in their legs.



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  1. kevin falvey says:

    Well this is a strange report, when you talk about FAT DUCK, are you really referring to one of us, or is the Green Machine having a revolution at the moment, with riders going down three at a time, and FAT DUCK involved in all the mellee, just wish you were still here Rocko to sort this lot out. Who is the cape crusader in the club, we need to stick together and take out the opposition, and now I here you say, well who are you? Old habits die hard, and you will soon know when I am back in the Green Machine.
    I also know a few greesy spoons we could ride to instead of these up market middle class Gorden Ramsey priced spots which seem to rob us of our hard earned money, which we need for food on the table, bills, spare parts, entering events, and looking after our precious machines.

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