Club Run 16 March

This week’s club run was by Royal Appointment.  A return leg stop off at Windsor Great Park, where the Post Office  does a roaring trade in ice-creams and afternoon teas.  Your correspondent enjoyed a Mojito ice, which claimed to contain rum.  I believe it did.  Also consumed was a Champagne Magnum anniversary edition.  The class of catering in Windsor is far superior to anywhere else.

This was a great club run, a group of around ten, eleven, with more meeting us at Wokingham, where there were no outside seats to be had, every available space taken up by people enjoying some serious sunshine breakfasting.  ‘JT’ was there of course.  Service took a while, causing alarm among those whose Garmins are remotely monitored….

Back through Datchet, now looking as dry as a bone.  The only evidence of recent flooding was the large number of sandbags still lying around.

We were joined by Team Quest professional Gerry McManus for the ride down, after he kindly agreed to show us how it is done.  The club captain was pleased to get a lesson in CO2 tyre inflation from Gerry after sustaining a puncture.  However, by the time we got to Windsor later that day, pressure was going down, and the manual pump was deployed.


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