Club Officer Vacancies

Following the AGM a last weekend there are a some vacancies for the following positions.

Chairman / Chairwoman

Ian Why has been an brilliant chair since 2012 and he has stepped down to let some new blood into the role. The chair is the highest officer within the Willesden,  presiding over monthly meetings and often acting as the head and spokesperson for the club.

This role would be suited to someone approachable,  sensitive to the feelings of our members and who can act impartially.

Social Secretary

Our social secretary Charlotte Zittel is stepping down after a couple of great years. We have had some really fun events in that time.

If you like planning fun social events this is the spot for you. There are no rules here, if you can think of something fun that some members of the club would be interested in doing go for it!

The social secretary also organises the annual dinner and awards ceremony which is typically in January.

Welfare Officer

John Davies has set everything up very well for this position. With everything in place, the incoming officer would just need to be there for anyone who has concerns regarding welfare. British Cycling is also on hand to support the welfare officer should help or advice be needed.

This officer is provided with a free British Cycling membership and can attend the British Cycling welfare conference which is a great chance to network with other clubs.

Update: Nici Savage has come forward and is our new Welfare Officer!

Youth Representative

Alex Pierce has gone off to Uni which leaves a great opportunity for any U18 member to step up and represent the interests of our youth members.

The youth rep will aim to attract new young members as well as represent their interests at committee meetings. There is a lot of scope to have fun and gain experience here so get involved!

Get involved

If you are interested in taking up any of these positions please email Wendy Mears.

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  1. karmen Pardoe says:

    Want to know if Tom Zittel will be at Ickenham music shop tomorrow? I am working from home so hope to pop in in lunch hour and buy a cycling top.

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