Cancer Research UK Bike Ride

This appeared in the e-post. We’ll discuss it at the next committee meeting in August, but if anyone would like to comment please let Gladys know (or comment here).

Dear Sirs,

I am writing on the behalf of Cancer Research UK. We are organising a bike ride in Richmond Park in September this year. It will be a family friendly event however we would like to get cycling clubs involved as well. I am writing in order to find out if your club would be inerested in taking part in our bike ride. We would be very happy to see representatives of your club at the event and also if there would be chance to promote our bike ride in your club by putting posters up etc. We will soon confirm dates and details of the event and would be pleased if Willesden Cycling Club would be interested in being part of it.

Kind regards,

Magdalena Nowak

Volunteer for South West London

Cancer Research UK

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