Willesden Rovers Cycling Club 1888

I spotted this posting on the Willesden Local History Society. It is from a newspaper said to have been published in 1888. Note the time the club run starts.

Anyone have any further information on the Willenden Rovers?

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3 Responses to Willesden Rovers Cycling Club 1888

  1. Ray Green says:

    I guess back then everybody worked on a Saturday morning?

    • Julian Holden says:

      I think you are right. I run with Ranelagh Harriers (est. 1881) and all our club races start at 3pm on Saturday afternoons. Seems its always been then and nobody wants to change it.

  2. Ian Oliver says:

    5/- in 1888 is worth about £30 today. Given that the average wage was £5,700 in today’s money, that made cycling a hobby for the fairly well off. And shows our current fee of £15 is quite a bargain.

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