Results from Reading 21st July

Tom Zittel had his first win on the track at Reading last Monday. Kye Lewis also rode and is making great progress in his age category. Ray George made a welcome return to track racing after a gap of many years.

3rd 10 lap scratch
1st Devil
1st 500m Sprint
2nd ‘B’ 20k scratch (1st prime & 8th overall)
Kye Lewis (D League):
4th U12 flying 200m (6th overall)
3rd U12 Sprint
3rd U12 6 lap scratch (4th overall)
1st U12 Devil (2nd overall)
Ray George (C league):
4th 6lap scratch (10th overall)
1st 500m Sprint
4th 9lap points (10th overall)
3rd 10lap scratch (9th overall)
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