West Drayton MBC – Youth and Novice Adult Races

On Saturday 31st May the West Drayton MBC are promoting a series of youth races and a novice adult race at Black Park Country Park, which is situated between Slough and Uxbridge. The plan is to give each rider the chance to take part in two races which will be time based dependent on age, we are planning on running separate races for each age band from under 8s to under 16s in 2 year increments. The course is all off road but has been designed with the youngsters in mind and there will be two courses on the day so that the older riders can have a more challenging route.

I hope that the event will appeal to your youth riders so that we can make the event an annual occurrence.  If you could spread the word amongst your members that would be great. Full details of race timings/distances are –

Saturday 31st May – Youth race timings/distances

13:00:00 U/8’s 10 mins

13:15:00 U/10’s 15

13:35:00 U/12’s 15

13:55:00 U/8’s 10

14:10:00 U/10’s 15

14:30:00 U/12’s 20

14:55:00 U/14&16 20

15:20:00 Beginners 16+ 30

15:55:00 U/14&16 20.


On the following Sunday June 1st the West Drayton MBC are running a full programme of adult races along with Juvenile and youth races around the full 3.5 mile circuit an event which includes both the Central BC youth and juvenile championships as well as the Emergency Services MTB championship. Once again full details are on the BC website or the club website www.blackparkraces.co.uk

For any of your members that are more into Sportives on May 11th the club promote the long established Bucks Off road Sportive a mixture of bridleways and country lanes suitable for MTBs or Cross bikes and which features 4 distances, 35km, 70km, 100 km and the mega 132km full details on the event website at www.bucks ofroadsportive.co.uk

Many thanks, Chris Denman

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