Club Welfare

Willesden Cycling club – Code of Conduct for Members

The Code of Conduct sets out good practice for everyone involved in the Willesden Cycling Club’s activities. It consists of three sections covering our conduct with regard to rights, relationships and personal standards.

1. Rights

All members should ensure everyone has an equal right to participate in our cycling activities by-

  • Making cycling a sport that is equally open and available to all club members, and where everyone is treated with respect and as an individual.
  • Not discriminating against individuals for any reason, whether as a result of race, colour, gender, marital status, sexuality, age, disability, occupation, religion or political persuasion.
  • Making every effort to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to participate without fear or harassment.
  • Respecting the right of riders to consult with other coaches and experts.
  • Communicating with each other in a way which reflects respect and care.

2. Relationships

We should build relationships within the club that are open and honest, and founded on mutual trust and respect.

  • Club members should not behave in a manner that involves, or could be construed as, abuse of any kind (e.g.  sexual, physical or emotional abuse, or being neglectful or bullying).
  • Any form of sexually related contact with an under age person is strictly forbidden. So too are sexual innuendo, flirting or any inappropriate gestures and terms.
  • Members must take action if they have concerns about an adult‘s behaviour towards a child or a vulnerable adult.
  • Physical contact during both competitive and non-competitive cycling activities should be limited to that which is appropriate and necessary. It should always be with the consent and approval of the rider/athlete.

3. Personal standards

Members must strive to demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times. This involves –

  • Acting as a positive role model for cycling, behaving with respect, honesty, control and dignity to all others.
  • Striving towards providing a safe environment for all our activities that maximises the enjoyment and benefits of cycling and minimises risks to participants and competitors.
  • Those members who are also club coaches and officials should consider on-going training to maintain their knowledge and expertise within their own specialist areas.

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