Club Welfare

Sunday Club Runs

The Sunday club run has been a core part of UK cycling for over a hundred years. The Willesden CC has supported this tradition for many years and the club run is a cornerstone of our club’s activities.

The club run takes place each Sunday morning and it is open to all club members. Destinations are usually published in advance by the Club Captain and include a stop around the halfway point for refreshments. Non-cycling friends and family of riders are welcome to join the club at its destination but it should be recognised that on the day the state of the roads, traffic, weather, mechanical failures, fitness or navigation issues may conspire to dynamically alter either the arrival time or even the destination.

Club rides are not coached sessions, nor is there an organiser with legal responsibility for other riders. A club ride is simply a group of riders on a joint excursion on the open road which may include sections on busy roads.

The club runs take place on public roads. A young cyclist is welcome to join one of Willesden CC club runs when his or her parents/carers judge that he or she is mature enough to cope with traffic and is strong enough to complete the ride. Under 18s and vulnerable adults may only join the club run with the approval of a Willesden CC coach and with the written consent of the parent or carer. Those riders aged under 16 years must also be accompanied by a parent. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that participants’ bikes are roadworthy, safe, and suitable for the activity they are taking part in.

Riders are expected to be self-sufficient and should bring their own drinks, snacks and spare inner tube(s) money, tyre levers, and a pump. All participants under the age of the 18 must wear a cycling helmet at all times during club rides and be fully equipped for the weather conditions that may be encountered on the ride.

It is recommended that all riders have 3rd Party insurance.

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