Club Welfare

Reporting a concern to the Club Welfare Officer

If you have any concern regarding the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult you should immediately report it to the Club Welfare Officer (or any other club officer), who will take whatever action is necessary to ensure the immediate safety of the individual concerned.

You may find it useful to collect the relevant details on the “Report a Safeguarding Concern” form, which is attached to the end of this document and is also on the club’s web site

Club welfare Officer – Contact details

Nici Savage 

Tel 07548 595 799 


If you are unable to contact the Club Welfare officer and you consider the situation to be urgent then please contact either –

British Cycling  Child Protection Team on 0161 247 6000 (office Hours)/0161 247 2002 (outside Office Hours)

Or the NSPCC Help Line on 0808 800 5000

Or Police on 999

Once the immediate safety and welfare of the individual concerned has been established then the Club Welfare Officer will compile a report to submit to the Willesden Cycling Club’s committee. If a complaint has been made against a member of the Club, then the committee will make a decision whether any person accused of child abuse should be temporarily suspended pending further enquiry.

Every effort will be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all concerned. Information should be handled by, and disseminated to, only those who have a need to know

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