Important Information for Under 18 Riders

Junior Podium

Alex on the right. Darryl is on the left but he’s less important…

The under 18 representative at the club for 2015 is Alex Pierce and the club welfare officer is John Davies.


  • New under 18 members will receive a free jersey upon joining the club.
  • Any rider under 18 or under 21 and in full time education would receive a new Jersey and Shorts each year after completing 10 events in Willesden  colours.
  • All other kit is half price for under 18 riders.


If you’re planning on racing an event, or have picked up a good result contact Alex so that this information can be passed onto the club. It is always more fun to race as part of a team!

Any rider in the club riding a National, European or World Championship. National series event or Regional Championship will have their entry fee paid by the club plus half their Petrol money. Subject to the following  approval by the relevant secretary and with a limit of £200.00.

Gear Ratios:

Under 18 riders wishing to race must adhere to the British Cycling regulations on gear restrictions. Not only do restricted gears help to even out competition at youth and junior level, they also teach you to “spin” and pedal more efficiently. Details on gear restrictions for the various age groups can be found here.

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