Report: Wolsey RC Open 25


Cervelo // 25 miles // 59:36 // 25.167mph

“Another early start, another early visit to the service station at the Coddenham roundabout for a large black coffee…

I was quietly optimistic today: I’d had a couple of weeks to recover from a heavy training weekend, and had been feeling pretty good on my bike in the preceding week. Moreover, conditions were almost perfect for this course, which is essentially two laps of the A143 between the Redenhall and Chicken roundabouts, following the long abandoned railway line – the wind was rarely annoying in either direction; the sky was mainly overcast; and the air quite fresh and not as humid as recent weeks.”

Continue reading Ed Packard’s report on his blog.

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  1. edward says:

    For those unfamiliar with our strange East Anglian ways, here is the story of the Chicken roundabout:

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