Can anyone help Dan Duncan-Jones?

I’m emailing to ask whether I can get assistance from the club:

I became a statistic a few weeks ago (although I’m not sure if anyone is keeping stats ), when I shot over the handlebars of me bike, while cycling through Hemel Hempstead industrial area. It was in Three Cherry Trees Lane, but I don’t suppose you’ll be that familiar with this little stretch. I suffered the usual cuts and bruises and was off the bike for 6 weeks and on painkillers for about 3 weeks. Luckily, I broke my fall with my forearm, elbow, shoulder and chest and didn’t hit my face or head.

I’ve been laising with solicitors via the CTC and they’ve said I might have a good case (we’ll see) against Hertfordshire Council, but if I can get other people to confirm what I say about the hazard, it could make quite a difference.

It happened on the 16th February and the hole came at the end of some wonderful newly laid tarmac, which I was marvelling at until I came to a crashing halt. The contractors, for reasons best known to themselves didn’t complete the job and left a section without tarmac, but thoughtfully left a lump at the edge of the hole (see attached photo) that was/is stuck fast to the road. This is what I hit and the combination of the hole, plus the lump of tarmac wrenched the handlebars from my grasp and that was that. The solicitor told me to measure the hole as it didn’t look that deep, so I got the spirit level out to show him.

Would you or anyone else be willing to make some kind of statement about the hazard? I’ve been checking it every now and again and by the 30th March, it still hadn’t been repaired. I’m going to ride past there tomorrow to see if they’ve finished the job yet.

All the best,

Dan Duncan-Jones



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