Midweek Willesden Audax

The Riverside 2 Riverside 100 km Audax

Wednesday 18th August 10am from Jenners, Ray Mead Road, Maidenhead SL6 8NP

2 cafes – 1 ride
Many of you may know this ride, previously organised by Mick Hill and John Tipping. It really does show the best of 3 counties: Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire.
Starting at Jenner’s cafe in Maidenhead, there are a few ups at Marlow and Turville before the great descent down to Watlington. The ride goes through some pretty villages before half way stop at the Waterfront Café on the Thames in Benson. The second half of the ride takes you across open farmland at Ipsden and visits the Maharajah’s Well at Stoke Row. Going through Henley sees you on the home strait back to Maidenhead via Knowl Hill, Fifield and the Fat Duck in Bray.
Start of the ride

Start of the ride

Happy to take entries on the line. A cheap day out £4 to Audax/ CyclingUK members (£7 to others)

Cycling, friends, tea and cake, sounds like a good day out.

If you want to book in advance go to the event listing at Audax UK

Anne Mograby, Organiser

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The next West London 25 TT

The next west London 25 will be on 15th August on the Amersham Road.

This event can be either a single ride or a 2-up. If anyone wishes to ride can they let me know. The organiser is also looking for marshalls.



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Olympic Cycling Information Online

The UCI have posted all the documents for the Tokyo on line here


These include all the maps and profiles for the road cycling events.



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Charity Ride Manual now available

Click below to download the ride manual for Sunday 27th June.

The Lakeside Cafe at the Hospice have kindly extended the breakfast menu for us until 11.30



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Charity Ride and Social Event 27th June

We finally have everything confirmed. The HQ will be a the usual start / finish point for the event usually organised by John and Diane Morris the Plough at Winchmore Hill, Bucks. Sign on from 9.15 for 10.00 start. The pub owner Raff will be on site to supply early morning coffees before the start.

The route is  only 48km and I’ve ridden it to check last Saturday. A gentle ride out and back.


The ride is a social event but if you help raise funds for the Thames Hospice, it would be appreciated. The half way stop is the lovely new cafe at the Hospice in Bray with views of the lake. (and very reasonable prices) We are hoping that they might extend the breakfast menu until we get there.

So if you may want to help raise money from your kind friends and some may just want to pay a tenner to ride on the day to support the event. The JustGiving page is here

https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gerard-mcmanus and funds go straight to the charity.

Alternatively you may want to use the sponsorship form as we will be doing at our local pub next weekend! And you can bring it with you on the day if you can.

Thames Hospice Sponsorship Form 2021

I would be delighted if you would confirm your attendance  in advance so we can warn the hospitality sector to me via WhatsApp, Text or email on gerry@gerrymcmanus.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing you all helping to support a good cause and meet some friends.

Non cyclists welcome just for a slice of pizza or a coffee.



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Charity Ride 27th June 2021

Unfortunately John and Diane Morris are not organising their annual charity bike ride this year due to Covid-19 restrictions but I thought it might be nice to run something more informal on the same date which would have been 27th June 2021. Start time 10am.

One of their beneficiaries over the years has been the Thames Valley Hospice (Thames Hospice) and they have just opened up a new cafe by Bray Lake which we visited yesterday. It’s delightful with inside and outside seating and views of the lake. It’s an ideal half-way spot for the ride which will be around 30 miles and more of a social event.

My proposal is to start and finish the ride at the usual place at the Plough at Winchmore Hill and I hope to finalise that this week.

So keep the date in the diary and I hope to confirm soon!




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Ken Daniels

Vic White has supplied a picture of Ken Daniels. Ken was one of the club’ strongest ever riders. He rode in the Tour of Britain and the Tour d’Avenir.  Vic said “This is him in the Club Road Race on the Toms Hill circuit, some time in the ’60s I think. The jersey style might date it.”

Ken Daniels, Willesden Rider

Ken Daniels

In creating this post for Vic I was unable to find out anything about Ken other than what is on the club website. Can anyone fill in some details about him – either post on the club facebook page or in an email to info@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk

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Club Run Sunday 9th May

This week’s club run is a steady social ride starting at Great Missenden at 10.00am and heading out to Quainton. There are plenty of outside tables at the George and Dragon pub / cafe adjacent to the windmill. There is free parking on Sundays at the Link Road car park in Missenden and it’s likely that some will arrive early to partake in breakfast at Matilda’s cafe.

Heading out to the Aylesbury Vale, there are some spectacular views on the route. The return leg goes through Waddesdon Manor estate and there is a small section to walk in Eythrop Park due to a disputed road closure.

Total mileage is 42 miles but of course members who wish to start earlier from Denham can put in an extra 15 miles each way.

Groups will be split up into sixes for Covid-19 rules. This is a social ride and not training.

Route for Sunday 9th May

Yours in sport

Gerry McManus


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Club run 2 May – Tring

3 weeks, 3 club runs.  This weekend it’s Tring.

Rainbow cake

Not necessarily representative of any available cake.

We will be cruising at an altitude above sea level, with in-flight refreshments to be served at The Espresso Lounge in Tring.  There is a very small outdoor seating area, or we may use the Tring Memorial Park opposite which has plenty of space.

The ride is weather permitting. There is some chance of rain at the weekend so bring appropriate kit.  A rain jacket or gilet will be useful at the stop in any case, as the temperature is not forecast to get much warmer.

The ride will meet outside Shane’s Nursery on the A40 at 09.30 for an 09.40 start.  UB9 4EA

Riders will be divided into groups of six by the run leader (in this case me) and should stay in the same group at the cafe stop.

Don’t forget face covering / mask for the order point and for using toilets if they are available. The public toilets in Tring are generally open.

All other Willesden club run rules will apply.

WCC Club Run 2 May

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Club run Sunday 25 April

Hardly a week has passed since the first club run in a very long time, and there’s another one, this coming Sunday 25 April.

We are going to Binfield, the Foxes Den community cafe. There is a route available here:

WCC Club run 25 April

The ride will meet outside Shane’s Nursery on the A40 at 09.30 for an 09.40 start.  UB9 4EA

Riders will be divided into groups of six by the run leader (in this case me) and should stay in the same group at the cafe stop

The ride is weather permitting. A rain jacket or similar may be useful to wear at the cafe stop if it is cool. Don’t forget face covering / masks for the order point and for using toilets if they are available.

All other Willesden club run rules will apply.

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Resumption of club runs but with restrictions

Due to the new relaxation of Covid-19 rules, we are provisionally starting the Spring/ Summer club runs on Sunday 18th April 2021 with a return ride from Shane’s Nursery at Denham out to the P.E. Mead Farm Shop (Black Barn) at Wilstone Green near Tring, Herts. It’s a 54-mile ride that goes out via Great Missenden and the cafe stop has been selected because it has an out-door seating area. Members can also join the ride at Great Missenden when we pass Matilda’s cafe by the roundabout in the centre of town. Car parking is free here on Sunday’s (Link Rd Car Park, Great Missenden HP16 9AE)

Here is the route we are planning to use:

Club run route 18th April 2021

We will be setting up a WhatsApp group for members to advise their attendance. It will take a little time to build up the contact list, so bear with us.

Any potential new members who want to join the ride can email us on membership@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk

The ride will meet outside Shane’s Nursery on the A40 at 9.30 for a 9.40 start.  UB9 4EA

Riders will be divided into groups of six by the run leader (in this case me) and should stay in the same group at the cafe stop

The ride is weather permitting. A rain jacket will be useful to wear at the cafe stop if it is cold. Don’t forget face covering / masks for using toilets and any other indoor areas

All other Willesden club run rules will apply

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces on Sunday.

Yours in sport

Gerry McManus



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West London combine 25 on 4th April

The Willesden cc had 100% attendance in this event. It was a cold morning but there was only a slight wind.

Jayne recorded a fast time of l hour, four minutes and 53 seconds making her lst lady by almost 5 minutes.

Jamal managed to successfully negotiate the course and recorded 1 hour, 9 minutes and 2 seconds on a road bike for his first 25 mile timetrial.


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10 Thames Bridges and Kaf-to-Kaf Audaxes, 23rd May

From Anne Mograby

Hi folks its that time of year again when I’m thinking about the Audax rides. So pleased I can run them this year. So put Sunday 23rd May in your calendar and get down to Jenners to ride either Tippy’s 10 Thames Bridges or Tippy’s Kaf2Kaf. Both rides are in memory of our dear friend John Tipping.

Each ride can only have a maximum number of 30 riders, due to Covid rules, so please book in advance to ensure your place.

Hope to see loads of WCC on 23rd.

TIPPY’S 10 THAMES BRIDGES (John Tipping Memorial Ride)- 9AM START 1 ride – 2 cafes, 1 river, 10 bridges (110km)

It really does show the best of the river Thames. Starting at Jenner’s cafe there are a few ups to Marlow, then to Hambleden, Henley and Sonning. The ride goes through some pretty villages before the half way stop at Dinton Pastures. The second half of the ride takes you towards Ascot and through the Great Park. On the home strait back to Maidenhead you visit Datchet, Eton and the Fat Duck in Bray.

Entry details at https://audax.uk/event-details?eventId=9093

TIPPY’S KAF TO KAF (John Tipping Memorial Ride) – 10AM START 1 ride – 2 cafes (64km)

If you fancy doing something a bit shorter, then the 64km Kaf to Kaf is for you. Starting at Jenner’s cafe there is a climb up to Pinkneys Green. The ride then goes through some pretty villages before the half way stop at Dinton Pastures. The second half of the ride takes you towards Ascot and back to Maidenhead via Fifield and Bray.

Entry details at https://audax.uk/event-details?eventId=9094


10 Thames Bridges Start

10 Thames Bridges Start


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Digger Baulch – funeral

Digger’s Funeral will be taking place on Tuesday 23rd March at 3.30p.m.
If you want to watch it you will need the following information.
Go to www.Obitus.com about 5 mins before the time and you will have to insert the username-qeki8256 and then the password-555012
If you would like to see it later, you can wait for 4 days and it will be available to watch for about 20 days.
Gladys Purdy


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Historic club photo

We got an email from James Brazier with some interesting photos.

James says “I attach a scan of an old family-photograph which, I believe, was taken around 1900 of Willesden Cycling Club. Judging by the silver cup in the foreground and the three racing cycles in the photo, I would guess that it was a cycle-racing club rather than a cycle-touring club.

The gentleman with his arms crossed in the front row on the left side of the picture is my maternal grandfather, Robert Oldfield who had a butcher’s shop for many years at 80 Willesden High Road until 1935. He was born in 1868 so would have been in his early thirties if my guess of around 1900 is right.”

Possibly Willesden Cycling Club c.1900-1

Possibly Willesden Cycling Club c.1900-1

James also supplied two pictures of a medal:

“I attach two images of a silver medal awarded in 1895 which you might find interesting. I cannot unravel the elaborate monogramme (BBRC?). Unfortunately, there is no known connection between the medal and my grandfather. The winning time for the 10-mile event (under 27 minutes) was around my best for a 10-mile time trial in the late 1950s! All I ever got was a bronze medal consolation prize.
Front of 1895 time trial medalFront of 1895 time trial medalIf anyone can add more information about the club photo (such as confirming its date or the event it was taken for) or about the medal send a message to info@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk

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West London 25 – held back until April 4th

The West London 25 is due to be held on April 4th, 7.31 start on the Amersham Road.  If anyone wishes to ride can they let me know by 27th March.   The event is also looking for  marshals, so if anyone can help this would be appreciated.


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Bike books want a good home

An email from Paul Spicer, the son of John “Spike” Spicer, a long-time Willesden CC member, came our way. His father had a collection of cycling books and other material and Paul is keen for it to go to a good home or homes. If you have any ideas how the collection could be a resource for cyclists in our neck of the woods that would be great. However if you might be interested in having part of the collection either post on the Facebook item corresponding to this post or email info@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk  and I will pass the responses on to Paul

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Digger Baulch – a tribute from his Leicestershire clubmates

This is the tribute to Digger on the RTTC Legends Facebook page, with permission by Dave Binks of Leicestershire RC. The RTTC group is a closed one, so I have copied it verbatim here.

I have just been told that Paul Baulch, who, as a member of the Willesden CC in the late 1950s, was one of the top riders in time trialling. I believe he finished 2nd in the BBAR at that time. He later moved to Leicester and rode for the Leicestershire Road Club for some time before moving over to the Ratae RC, another Leicester club. Paul was a great clubman, and for many years always stood on the same corner, as marshal, in the LRC’s Hilly TT on Easter Monday. Paul had been ill for some time.

RIP, Paul, and I’ll “See you up the road”.

If I can find a photo, I’ll post it later.

  • I only remember the Digger of the late fifties, teamed with John Blunsdon. I rode with/against them many times, often chatting. RIP Digger.
    badge icon
    Hi. I am Paul’s younger daughter, Lindsay. Thank you all for your kind words. Cycling was Dad’s life-long passion and he was never happier than when out on his bike. He made lasting friendships through cycling and in recent years was President of the Ratae RC. He enjoyed the social side of the Club after he could no longer cycle. He will be greatly missed.
    May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and text that says "JOHN GROATS LANDS END 874 PENTLAND SKERRIES 6 LEICESTER 27THAUGUST 1988 601 ORKN SHETLAND ES medella"

    Dave Binks replied
    The photo is just as I remember him, Lindsay, even down to the LRC/Medella jersey! It was sad to see his health deteriorate in the latter few years, but it didn’t seem to affect his sense of happiness. A life-long cyclist in the true tradition of someone who really liked just riding his bike.
    The first Time Trial star of the day I met. It was in a field on Pangbourne Lane. Being a Junior I was in awe but still remember that he took time out to talk to me and wish me all the best in my cycling future. I remember his nick name was “Digger”. RIP Paul.
    • Author
      John Jones

      yes, Digger was the name we used, at his request.

    • Paul was a true gentleman.
      Was a regular on the Wednesday run which met at the Durham Ox at 10.00 on the way to Sedgebrook or Margaret’s cafe at Redmile. This was in the 1990’s.
      Paul was a member of Willesden CC that held the 30 mile team competition record in 1954 that was not broken until 1963.
      RIP Paul.
      • I remember Paul on the Wednesday runs to Sedgebrook & Redmile in the 90’s -he was good fun and always enjoyed a blast back after the cafe
      I first saw Paul in the late 70s when he was riding the Leicestershire RC club events. He was, of course, well into the Vets category at that time. I knew nothing of his race pedigree when I commented on his wiggly line when racing. He just laughed and said he had always ridden like that. I said he would go faster if he rode in a straight line. Imagine my embarrassment when I found out how good a rider he had been!
  • Men Cyclists | Time Trial
    Men Cyclists | Time Trial
    Very sad news, Paul was such a nice man and a super cyclist ,with an immaculate pedalling action.condolences to the famiy
    Rip Paul x
  • Oh that is a great shame. Have a lovely story about Paul circa 1967. I rode the Milk Race crit at Blackpool, a nocturne sponsored by Camping Gaz. Got home in Peterborough about 1am and at 6am I reported to the Sans Souci F1 25 tt. Shocked to see my gear mech crushed in boot of car. Paul the absolute gentleman proffered me his bike as he just finished and I had enough time to lower saddle (he was taller than me) and put my pedals on his cranks. Think I finished 5th that morning rudely beating Paul’s time. I then met up with again at Baz Clarkes funeral a few years ago. Great rider, nice guy RIP.
    • That’s a shame, he used to come over and ride the wvw tens afew years back.
      I didn’t realise at the time what a great rider he’d been.
      RIP Paul
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Digger Baulch

Gladys Purdy writes:

It is with great regret that I have to report the death of Digger Baulch. I have known him for over 70 years. He was a great club mate. In the 1950s he finished in 2nd place in the Best All rounder competition, was part of the winning team that took the National 30 mile team record in 1954 (which wasn’t beaten until 1961) and he held most of the club records and riding with John Blumsden the tandem records too.
When he settled in Leicestershire he joined the Ratea and took on many of the posts needed in the successful running of the club.
He still maintained his connections with the Willesden however, and met up with the Old Timers section to enjoy a chat about “old times”.
R.I.P. Digger.

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A Virtual Reliability Ride

Smart trainerHarp RC came up with the great idea of a virtual Reliability Ride and Willesden CC, along with the other Chiltern Classic clubs, has been invited to join in.

“As we cannot run the Harp Hilly in it’s usual form we have set up a virtual event for the short 555km route on RGT Cycling.  There are two events over the weekend of 30 / 31 January, a 2:30pm event on the Saturday and a 10:30am event on the Sunday.

The events are free to ride as RGT Cycling is free to join and it is free to ride events that have been set up on their ‘Magic Roads’

In case any of your members are interested the RGT Cycling events are:

Saturday, 30-Jan-2021 at 14:30:

Sunday, 31-Jan-2021 at 10:30 :

best regards

Richard Hutt”

If you want to ride and need to install RGT then you need two apps, one on your phone and another on a PC/MAC/iPad. The web page that explains it and tells you what to do is https://www.rgtcycling.com/get-started/.

It might just be my PC, but when I tried a “direct” Windows install of the PC App it did not work, but using the Microsoft Store worked fine.

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