Overdue Subscriptions

Subs are now overdue and a penalty of £2 should be added when making payment.

It would much be appreciated if you could let us know if you will not be rejoining the club via the following email address: recruitment@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk

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VTTA National Tandem Championship

Last weekend Mark Brooking and Jane Moore were invited to the VTTA AGM to collect their National Tandem Championship gold medals from Rachel Elliott.

This was preceeded by a buffet and a natter. Must remember to wear a club jersey next time !!

The long barrow strikes again….DSCF4002[1] DSCF4001[1]

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Club Monthly Meeting and Training Session this Friday 5 February 2016

There will be a training session on Friday 5 February starting at 5.30 p.m. for those who want to cycle on the track with bright lights and the Turbo session starts at 7.00 p.m. 

The monthly meeting will follow at 8.00 p.m in the Club House of Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Minet Park.  The meeting only lasts for an hour so it would be good to see some younger club members joining the old ones.   


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Meeting old friends

01-Ken H 29-1-16 (2)

02-Ken H 29-1-16 (18)

03-Ken H 29-1-16 (19)

04-Ken H 29-1-16 (20)

05-Ken H 29-1-16 (21)

06-Ken H 29-1-16 (22)

07-Ken H 29-1-16 (24)

08-Ken H 29-1-16 (25)

09-Ken H 29-1-16 (35)

10-Ken H 29-1-16 (36)

11-Ken H 29-1-16 (37)

12-Ken H 29-1-16 (38)

13-Ken H 29-1-16 (39)

14-Ken H 29-1-16 (40)

15-Ken H 29-1-16 (41)

16-Ken H 29-1-16 (42)

17-Ken H 29-1-16 (43)

18-Ken H 29-1-16 (59)

19-Ken H 29-1-16 (61)

20-Ken H 29-1-16 (63)

21-Ken H 29-1-16An afternoon with Ken Howard RA.who was a member of the Willesden over 60years ago.Here are a few photos of Old timers and members looking at some of Kens work

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Annual Dinner photos 2016

Here are some photos kindly taken by Gerry McManus during the evening. Great shots, thanks so much Gerry!


WCCP_2016Dinner_P01 WCCP_2016Dinner_P02 WCCP_2016Dinner_P03 WCCP_2016Dinner_P04 WCCP_2016Dinner_P05 WCCP_2016Dinner_P06 WCCP_2016Dinner_P07 WCCP_2016Dinner_P08
WCCP_2016Dinner_P10 WCCP_2016Dinner_P11 WCCP_2016Dinner_P12 WCCP_2016Dinner_P13 WCCP_2016Dinner_P14 WCCP_2016Dinner_P15 WCCP_2016Dinner_P16 WCCP_2016Dinner_P17 WCCP_2016Dinner_P18 WCCP_2016Dinner_P19 WCCP_2016Dinner_P20 WCCP_2016Dinner_P21 WCCP_2016Dinner_P22 WCCP_2016Dinner_P23 WCCP_2016Dinner_P24 WCCP_2016Dinner_P25 WCCP_2016Dinner_P26 WCCP_2016Dinner_P27 WCCP_2016Dinner_P28 WCCP_2016Dinner_P29 WCCP_2016Dinner_P30 WCCP_2016Dinner_P31 WCCP_2016Dinner_P32 WCCP_2016Dinner_P33 WCCP_2016Dinner_P34 WCCP_2016Dinner_P35 WCCP_2016Dinner_P36 WCCP_2016Dinner_P37 WCCP_2016Dinner_P38 WCCP_2016Dinner_P39 WCCP_2016Dinner_P40 WCCP_2016Dinner_P41 WCCP_2016Dinner_P42 WCCP_2016Dinner_P43 WCCP_2016Dinner_P44 WCCP_2016Dinner_P45 WCCP_2016Dinner_P46 WCCP_2016Dinner_P47 WCCP_2016Dinner_P48 WCCP_2016Dinner_P49 WCCP_2016Dinner_P50 WCCP_2016Dinner_P51 WCCP_2016Dinner_P52 WCCP_2016Dinner_P53 WCCP_2016Dinner_P54 WCCP_2016Dinner_P55

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VTTA Winners



3-P1010029Gill Reynolds and Brian Moon Won 1st Team award for 10 miles

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A few photos of us enjoying ourselves at the Willesden Dinner 23-1-16

1-WCC Dinner 2016x

2-WCC Dinner 2016x (6)

3-WCC Dinner 2016x (5)

4-WCC Dinner 2016x (4)

5-WCC Dinner 2016x (3)

6-WCC Dinner 2016x (2)

7-WCC Dinner 2016x (1)

8-WCC Dinner 2016

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Club Runs Jan-Mar 2016

WCC-Club-Rwinteruns-Jan-Mar 2016


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UPDATED: Willesden Reliability trial 2016

27/1/16 UPDATED with Parental consent form.

February 21st 2016


Traditionally, reliability rides provide late winter (Jan-Mar) training rides where the object is to provide base fitness in preparation for the more demanding race training that will follow when the weather improves. In today’s world of sportives they are enjoyed by more than just competitive cyclists. The Chiltern Classics is a series of 6 trials set in and around the Chiltern Hills. They are trials in the sense that you have to TRY to complete the course within a certain time which adds a bit of spice to the ride.

They are not races.

You might like to check out the series at http://www.lesrvr.com/HarpRoadClub/HRCindex.html

The rides are covered by BC insurance. You might want to consider joining a cycling organisation (BC, CTC) which can offer additional insurance to its members.

The Trials

The Willesden CC Trials, last in the series, offer a choice of three gravitationally-challenging rides that take in a selection of the Chilterns climbs:

  • A 50K, with 5 x 10%+ climbs and 500m of ascent in 2.5 hrs; départ 09.30; Av.Speed 20kph.
  • A 100K with 10 x 10%+ climbs and 1000m of ascent in 4.5 hrs; départ 09.00; Av.Speed 23kph.
  • A 150K+ with 15 x 10%+ climbs and 2000m of ascent in 6.0 hrs; départ 08.30; Av.Speed 25kph.
  • There are more hills/lumps than just the 10%ers and several of the 10%ers have bits at 20%+!
  • Several others are not far off 10%.
  • The first half is lumpy rather than hilly – to warm you up! The second half is hilly rather than lumpy.
  • HQ opens 08.00. Choose your ride when signing-on on the day.

The 50K and 100K routes should present a realistic challenge for recreational riders. The 150K should suit racers who want to add an edge to their winter training – but if you fancy it then go for it.

All routes take in sections in the lanes. In bad weather many of these surfaces are in poor condition; potholes, road debris, and standing water. Mudguards and 25mm tyres are recommended rather than racing bikes with skinny tyres. To help with navigation the routes will be marked with green arrows only at turning points. Beware that members of the public may remove them!

There are no organised refreshments or sag wagons. You must be self-sufficient.

Obey the Rules of the Road. You are representing the cycling fraternity.

All Rides Price £10; free refreshments

Entries: first come, first served: 200 max

Either: on the BC website https://www.britishcycling.org.uk (recommended)

Or: on the day

Mike Ellison
Home: 01895 464862
HQ: 07758 757507

The Guide Hut
Community Close
UB10 8RE


The Routes


DOWNLOADS – compressed to zip files.




Parental Consent Form (for under-18s): print it out, get it signed, bring it along. 

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Track Training at The Olympic Velodrome

We have a session booked at the Stratford Olympic velodrome on Saturday 12th March 2016. Please note it is at 8 am to 10 am on Saturday morning. You must have ridden on the track before. You must be a Club member and over 10 years of age. We are limited to 30 riders. Cost is £16.00 for over 18s and £8.00 for under 18s. To book please click on this link.


Once paid you have booked your place. No refunds available

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Club Monthly Meeting Friday 8 January 2016

There will be a Willesden Cycling Club meeting this Friday 8 January 2016 at 8.00 p.m in the Club House of Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Minet Park.

The meeting will follow Ray Kelly’s training session which starts at 5.30 p.m. for those who want to cycle on the track with bright lights or join us for turbo training at 7.00 p.m to burn off all those extra calories that have been consumed over the festive period.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2016

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The trophies have been sent for engraving and some of the outstanding ones are required for 2015 winners; therefore,  it would be much appreciated if the following members could please return their trophies to the Trophy Secretary which they won last year.

Mark Brooking:             Mug of the Year Cup

Josh Copley:                  Schools 10mile TT Newey Cup

Hannah Keating:          Schools Audax / Touring Trophy

Kye Lewis:                      Schoolboy Track Champion Trophy

Jayne Paine:                   Ladies RR Trophy and Ladies Track Trophy

Alex Pierce:                    Junior RR Trophy and Junior Track Trophy

You can contact Jim Mears on 01494 862 372 to make arrangements for returning the trophies.                     

Thanks very much for your cooperation.   

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Santa at the clubroom

Here are afew photos of SANTA, who was at the clubroom on Fri 18th Dec.2015

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Central CX League – Twickenham CC at Hillingdon


Photos from Keith Perry and Charlotte Zittel

I signed up for another round of the Central CX league, this would be the closest to home as Twickenham CC were running it at Hillingdon circuit. I dragged Charlotte and Liberty along who were kept company by Ray, Chris and Brian Moon!


Supporter Selfie!

It was wet and sticky but not raining luckily. I started in the back row again as I’m not a member of the league. I gained quite a few places in the starting sprint and first few short climbs by riding the grass at the edge. Dave from Pedalling Gear rode earlier and give me a few pointers about the course. I moved up a few more places by running the first set of hurdles and short/steep climbs.

By the time I had made it to the back of the circuit the group had thinned out and I was sticking to the couple of riders near me.

The rest of the race I lost places due a lack of fitness on the less technical sections or trying to ride particularly sticky bits and clogging up the bike. I was passed by 7-10 riders over the next 3 laps finishing 24th and 5 minutes behind the lead lap. Not the most satisfying ride but there were a few new features for me and it was great to have support along the course!


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Pickwick Bicycle Club

Two more Willesden members this year joined the venerable ranks of the Pickwick Bicycle Club.  The Pickwick Bicycle Club was formed in 1870 and is not only the oldest cycling club in the world but it is also the oldest Dickensian Association.

Congratulations to John Davies (Tommy the Waterman) and Ian Why (Horatio Fizkin).

Stuart 'Hippy' Birnie and Chris Kelly

Stuart ‘Hippy’ Birnie and Chris Kelly

'Singing' takes place

‘Singing’ takes place

the oldest Dickensian Association

the oldest Dickensian Association

Den does not realise the danger he is in

Den does not realise the danger he is in

Important guests need protecting by the Armed Forces

Tommy the Waterman inspects the all-important box

Tommy the Waterman inspects the all-important box

Serving 600 diners requires a military operation

Serving 600 diners requires a military operation

Our Heroes

Our Heroes


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Club Officer Vacancies

Following the AGM a last weekend there are a some vacancies for the following positions.

Chairman / Chairwoman

Ian Why has been an brilliant chair since 2012 and he has stepped down to let some new blood into the role. The chair is the highest officer within the Willesden,  presiding over monthly meetings and often acting as the head and spokesperson for the club.

This role would be suited to someone approachable,  sensitive to the feelings of our members and who can act impartially.

Social Secretary

Our social secretary Charlotte Zittel is stepping down after a couple of great years. We have had some really fun events in that time.

If you like planning fun social events this is the spot for you. There are no rules here, if you can think of something fun that some members of the club would be interested in doing go for it!

The social secretary also organises the annual dinner and awards ceremony which is typically in January.

Welfare Officer

John Davies has set everything up very well for this position. With everything in place, the incoming officer would just need to be there for anyone who has concerns regarding welfare. British Cycling is also on hand to support the welfare officer should help or advice be needed.

This officer is provided with a free British Cycling membership and can attend the British Cycling welfare conference which is a great chance to network with other clubs.

Update: Nici Savage has come forward and is our new Welfare Officer!

Youth Representative

Alex Pierce has gone off to Uni which leaves a great opportunity for any U18 member to step up and represent the interests of our youth members.

The youth rep will aim to attract new young members as well as represent their interests at committee meetings. There is a lot of scope to have fun and gain experience here so get involved!

Get involved

If you are interested in taking up any of these positions please email Wendy Mears.

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Westerley Winter Warmer – 10th Jan 2016

An invitation from our friends at the Westerly CC –

The 2015 calendar-opening Westerley Winter Warmer is scheduled for Sunday 10th January. It starts just outside the M25 at Chalfont St Peter and heads into the Chilterns.

This year there are three versions. The long version is 110km (1200m of climbing), there is a medium route of 61km and a shorter version of around 44km. The long route is a pretty challenging winter ride which tackles several of the bigger climbs on the Chiltern ridge, while the medium route has Hatches Lane as its main climb. The new, short version is a very pretty route that misses out all the big hills and most of the (short) main road sections.

Entry is the same price as last year: £8/£4/£4 in advance, or £10/£5/£5 on the day.

There is a manned HQ (Chalfont St Peter Scout Hut), signed route and GPX tracks, computerised timing system and plenty of food before and after (including home made cake).

One small route change this year: we are going to come back up Hatches Lane instead of Cryers Hill. It’s a bit more pleasant and misses out a lot of traffic – although would be muddier on a wet day. That knocks a very small amount of the distance and takes out a few metres of climbing.

There’s more info on the website here, or please ask if you have any questions.

Hillingdon TTs

Also, to give you advance notice, the Hillingdon TTs start on 6 April 2015, with ten rounds on alternate Wednesdays through until August.

This year there once again be two separate categories for each event: non-aero/road bikes and TT bikes. There will be a points competition for each going over the whole series. Beginners and experienced riders welcome. The plan this year is to publish a start sheet in advance to reduce the amount of time later riders need to wait before their start. There’s also more info here. (page is about last year’s event). Full details will follow nearer the time.


Frank Proud
Westerley CC

PS This is an occasional message to people who have entered our rides before to let you know what we are planning. If you don’t want any more such emails please let me know and I’ll take you off the list.
PPS Apologies if you’ve already entered!

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Turbo time!

Turbo juice

Friday at Hillingdon. We are open for business this Friday.

4 December, 5.30pm start for training on the circuit. You will need good lights.

6.30 for 7.00pm start for turbo training. Usual costs. Spare turbos available. See you all there.

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REMINDER-AGM/Sunday 6 December 2015


The Willesden’s AGM is on Sunday 6 December 2015 to be held at Ickenham Guide Hut, Community Close, Ickenham, UB10 8RE starting at 2.30 p.m.   All members are welcome to come along and have their say.

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FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY – Friday 18 December 2015

MC900410675[2]Willesden Cycling Club’s annual Family Christmas Party is being held at Minet Park Club House on Friday 18 December 2015 from 5:30 pm onwards.

As usual, contributions of food and drink will be much appreciated, and as in previous years if you wish to bring a small gift for your children or anyone else of your choice, Santa will be coming along to hand out the gifts.  Please write the recipient’s name on the parcel.

If you want to wish any club folk a Merry Christmas then also bring your Christmas cards, this will save you dosh on postage.

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