Hippy starts PEDAL ED Transcontinental Race No.4

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 15.52.18

Stuart Birnie starts the transcontinental race today.
Its a single stage, unsupported 3700km race from Belgium to Turkey.
Bon courage indeed!

You can track him live here (rider 142): http://trackleaders.com/transconrace16

Race info: http://www.transcontinental.cc/

Checkpoints, etc: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=19cCxWLbuyzbNGX4rgZJPfxMDn0M

Twitter Hashtag – #tcrno4

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Willesden become Central Region Champions at Reading GP

We had a strong team sign on for the Reading GP on Saturday. Our primary goal was to do well in the Team Pursuit. (ie. a well paced and clean ride) Darryl Lusardi was our man-one followed by Connor Woodford, Alex Pierce and myself with Chris Kelly as first reserve.

We rode the endurance events; a 12 lap scratch, 12-lap points and 20km scratch. The field was strong and we didnt make the podium in any of them but a load of fun to ride and it was great to have so many friendly wheels to follow.


The team pursuit directly followed the points race so we planned to sit in for that. We faced Twickenham CC in the back straight.

The Central Region Team Pursuit Championships is incorperated in this event so if we came home faster than the Twickenham we would win the title. No pressure then!

Tony Woodford was on hand and gave us a game plan and coach us through the race from the home straight. In the end it was well paced, the four of us stuck together till the very end when Alex dropped off after doing a full lap turn.

We caught Twickenham with a few laps remaining and won the Regional Title!

We are awaiting our time and full results, will update when they come through.

Nice work Willesden!

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Stuart Birnie Breaks 50 Mile Club Record!

Stuart has broken Pete Cookson’s 1995 50 mile record of 1:50:13!

Hippy came home in 1:47:18 taking nearly 3 minutes off the record that stood for over ten years. The time placed him 21st in the BCDA event.

This leaves just the 10-mile record for Hippy to crack and he will have the full set!

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Weekend TT Results

In spite of the heat and sometimes windy conditions as well,the club’s time trialists were in action last week.

Gill Reynolds recorded 26.01 in the London Vets 10 at Tring on Wednesday. Brian Moon also rode in the event and finished in 29.08.

On Saturday in the CC Islington 10 at Broughboro Pete Cookson finished in 25.10 and Brian Moon in 29.14

Gill didn’t ride at Newbury as heavy traffic made it too difficult to reach the start

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Garmin Open Day

Paul from the Bike Shop in North Harrow will be hosting a Garmin Open Day on Wednesday 27 July 2016 at 6.30 – 8.30 p.m.

Numbers are limited so you will need to contact Paul to reserve a place.

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Product recall – Kinesis Racelight T Forks

Product recall – Kinesis Racelight T Forks

The distributor for Kinesis UK bikes and accessories, have issued a recall on three models of their “Racelight T” carbon fibre forks which were sold between 2003 and 2009. The fork models affected are: Full carbon Racelight T; 12K Racelight T; Racelight T Full Carbon.

The reason for the recall is due to bonding issues between the fork crown and fork steerer tube on Racelight T carbon forks sold between 2003-2009.

If you have one of these forks, fitted to a bike or otherwise, you’re advised to stop riding immediately and contact the retailer you bought the fork from. Alternatively contact Upgrade Bikes (Kinesis UK) direct on 01403 711 611 opt 4, or info@upgradebikes.co.uk. Your fork will be replaced with the new Kinesis DC07 model fork.


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Track Team at Welwyn

Great night at Welwyn last night. We had a big team and loads of fun. (Tom, Connor, Chris and Alex)

B league

10 lap scratch
1st Tom
2nd Connor

10 lap points
2nd Tom

1st Tom
4th Connor
6th Chris

Chris had his best night yet and Connor and I extended our lead in the overall standings.

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The End to End Record attempt is underway!!

After 18 months’ preparation and thousands of miles training together Mark Brooking and Jane Moore set off from Land’s End at 3am this morning (Mon 11th July) to attempt to become the set a record from Lands End to John O’Groats. To get the End-to-End record, they will have to get to John ‘o Groats within 3 days and 7 hours.

Once they reach John O’Groats they may not stop!! If all is going well then they may carry on for the 1000 mile record, which has a limit of four days.

You can follow their progress on the Tricycle Association Blog.

Their route and profile here and their target schedule is here

Mark is hoping to raise money for the TOTT (Turn on the Tap) charity supplying clean water to the Sudan. To sponsor him log on to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Mark-Brooking.

The attempt is sponsored by Longstaff Cycles.

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Another Welwyn Track League Report

Tom Zittel: Last Friday Chris Kelly and I rode Welwyn track.
In the 10 lap it stayed together till 3 laps to go when a couple of FullGas riders went over the top. I jumped on the wheel and we were joined by another rider. One of the FullGas lads went early and no one wanted to chase. In the end I won the bunch sprint for 2nd.
Next we had 2lap sprint heats followed by a final. Chris and I were in the same heat and he opened things up from turn two on the bell lap which allowed me to take 2nd and get through to the final.

In the final a Colchester rider went from the gun and after some hesitation we chased. I ended up on the front on the final lap and chased down the lone leader. Andrew perry who was sat on my wheel came around in the home straight I had nothing left. 2nd place

In the final, a Colchester rider went from the gun and after some hesitation we chased. I ended up on the front on the final lap and chased down the lone leader. Andrew perry who was sat on my wheel came around in the home straight I had nothing left. 2nd place
Chris shot a short video too!

Only two riders finished the 10mile, I tried for both primes and got 2nd both times. First to Perry (again!) and then Frank Longstaff.

Cracking night! Harriet Mellor was down getting ready for Herne Hill team champs in a couple weeks. She is riding with Marianne Harding and Jayne Paine

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Photos: Funday Sunday 3rd July 2016


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Fun Day This Sunday 3rd July

Fun Day this Sunday 3rd July at Hillingdon Circuit arrive at 1.30 for a 2.00 start. Fun races for all the family.  Bring a picnic.

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Monthly Club Meeting – Friday 1 July

Club monthly meeting will take place after Friday night training at 8.00 p.m in the Club House of Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Minet Park on Friday 1 July.  

Club officers who are unable to attend please send me your apologies and a report if you have one.  Many thanks.

Wendy Mears  

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Chris Returns to the Track!


Tom Zittel: After a 20 year absence, Chris Kelly returned to racing at Welwyn last Friday! We were both in the B category.

Chris was involved and finished all the races but slightly under geared. I finished 5th in the scratch, 3rd in the hare and hounds and 2nd in the points race.

The ten mile was run in 21:06 and only 4 riders finished. (Not us)
Looking forward to the next one!

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Welwyn Track League Results – 17 June 2016


Tom Zittel: Results are out from last fridays track league.

Alex was once again riding the As while Connor and I were riding the Bs.
We had a load of supporters come down too.

10 Lap scratch – Andrew Perrin Full Gas Racing, Joshua Crow Stewart Hemel Hempstead, Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Connor Woodford Willesden CC

10 Lap Block Pursuit – Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Joshua Crow Stewart Hemel Hempstead, Tom Zittel Willesden Cycling Club, Simon Best Full Gas Racing

Devil – George Georgallides Finchley RT, Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Conor Woodford Willesden CC, Andrew Perrin Full Gas Racing

In the overall standings Connor further distanced himself from the rest in 1st while I am in 2nd.

Hoping the rain passes through before friday night!


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Hippy Breaks Club 100mi TT Record!

Stuart “Hippy” Birnie has beaten Meurig James’s 2009 record of 3:45:48 at the Eastern Counties Cycling Association 100 mile event with a time of 3:42:54.

Hippy now holds the 15, 25, 30, 100, 12hr, and 24hr records!

ECCA 100 result sheet

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Longbarrow in action on the Newbury 12 Hour

The only tandem and one of the few machines with zero carbon. The marshalls found that quite refreshing. A certain Mr Culverhouse put in appearance and did pretty well with his useable leg.

Some big mileages for the bikes. We trundled around to bag 215 miles (tbc) which is a 5 mile improvement on Jim and Vera’s national vets record set back in the 90’s.
Last ride in anger before the E2E in three weeks time.
A relief that nothing broke or fell off this time !!!

Mark Brooking

13403262_943650225747947_6945592494612161796_o 13432285_943647835748186_1092025030115310663_n

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Track Rider wanted

We still need one male track rider to make up our team. This is for the team champs at Herne Hill on Sunday 10th July. Let me know if you are interested.

Tony Woodford


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Marshals and Volunteers needed for June 26th Time Trial

Willesden CC is the organising club for the West London Combine 50 mile Time Trial on June 26th. The race is a 50 mile time trial which historically has around 50 riders competing.
I’ll be timekeeping and Mrs Mick will be manning the kitchen on tea, coffee cake duties. Any volunteers to help riders off at the start and marshals for points on the course would be greatly appreciated.  Free tea and cakes to those that come along.
The course is Gt Missenden and hopefully we won’t be getting any French rain that day.
Please let me know if you can help out.
Mick Paddington
Willesden CC TT sec
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Audax: 50/100km Boulters Bash 19th June

Ian Oliver: Just a reminder that the Boulters Bash 100K and the Locked and Boulted 50K are running on the 19th June (next Sunday). They start from Jenner’s cafe in Maidenhead at 9:30 and 10:00 respectively.

There’s a pound off for advance booking.

100km Boulters Bash from Maidenhead
50kmLocked and Boulted from Maidenhead, Jenners Cafe


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Another smashing Track League

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.04.34

Last week’s prime!

Tom Zittel: Last Friday down at Welwyn track league Alex Pierce joined Connor Woodford and me, Alex’s first race back from a shoulder injury. We also had loads of Willesden supporters making the trip which added to the atmosphere.

First up was the B scratch with me and Connor riding. We both spent nearly the whole race chilling near the back. I was nearly caught out as I heard the bell, a bit boxed in and nowhere near the front! I managed to find some space through the middle of the group and came around everyone at turn three opening up a gap. Connor chased me down and just got around me at the line. First and second respectively!

Next, we had a block pursuit and Alex had a handicap race with the As. Connor and I were on opposite sides. In the first half Connors group was leading, I did a longer turn and did my best to motivate my group and we came back and took a slim lead. It was very close at the end, Connor opened up a gap from the rest of his group while I was on the front of mine giving it everything. Connor won it by a bike length!

Alex rode a really good handicap race and came away with 2nd in the 2 man break after completely burying himself to stay on the wheel of the winner.

The 10 lap points race (points every lap) for me and Connor went well, I won the first few sprints and stayed in the top three as long as I could. Connor took to the front as I faded and got a gap on the group for a while. The last few laps I managed to get a few more points. We don’t have the results yet but hopefully we each made the podium.

The last one of the evening was the mixed 10-mile scratch. The Bs were given a half lap handicap and we were caught within about 5 laps. I spent the early part of the race conserving energy (good plan!). I was on Alex’s wheel for quite a while and Connor was on mine if I remember correctly. When the 2nd prime came up I was 4th wheel and right behind an A rider who was looking like he would give it a nudge. I was ready and stuck to his wheel when he jumped with 200m to go. I did try and come around but have no idea who got it. So much for conserving energy, I fully expected to be dropped from the race but did recover and stick with it till the end. In the closing laps, everyone left was really winding it up. On the bell I was 4th wheel and Alex 5th, I managed to stay with them for the finish but there was no way I could come around! Alex crossed the line behind me in 5th.

Another cracking night for the Willesden!

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