Kayaking night Tuesday 29-7-14

Kayak 29-7-14 (35)

Kayak 29-7-14 (5)

Kayak 29-7-14 (6)

Kayak 29-7-14 (7)

Kayak 29-7-14 (8)

Kayak 29-7-14 (10)

Kayak 29-7-14 (12)

Kayak 29-7-14 (14)

Kayak 29-7-14 (15)

Kayak 29-7-14 (16)

Kayak 29-7-14 (17)

Kayak 29-7-14 (18)

Kayak 29-7-14 (22)

Kayak 29-7-14 (23)

Kayak 29-7-14 (25)

Kayak 29-7-14 (26)

Kayak 29-7-14 (27)

Kayak 29-7-14 (28)

Kayak 29-7-14 (34)

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Report: Wolsey RC Open 25


Cervelo // 25 miles // 59:36 // 25.167mph

“Another early start, another early visit to the service station at the Coddenham roundabout for a large black coffee…

I was quietly optimistic today: I’d had a couple of weeks to recover from a heavy training weekend, and had been feeling pretty good on my bike in the preceding week. Moreover, conditions were almost perfect for this course, which is essentially two laps of the A143 between the Redenhall and Chicken roundabouts, following the long abandoned railway line – the wind was rarely annoying in either direction; the sky was mainly overcast; and the air quite fresh and not as humid as recent weeks.”

Continue reading Ed Packard’s report on his blog.

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Riverside-to-Riverside Audax on 13th August

1 ride – 2 cafes, 1 river

Many of you may know this ride, previously organised by Mick Hill and John Tipping. It really does show the best of 3 counties Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire. Starting at Jenner’s cafe there are a few ups at Marlow and  Turville before the great descent down to Watlington. The ride goes through some pretty villages before half way stop at the riverside in Benson. The second half of the ride takes you across open farmland at Ipsden and visits the Maharajah’s Well at Stoke Row. Going through Henley sees you on the home strait back to Maidenhead via Knowl Hill,  Fifield and the Fat Duck in Bray.

Where and when

10.00am, Wednesday 13th August 2014, Jenner’s Cafe Maidenhead SL6 8NP, entry fee £3.00

Google maps

How to enter

Go to http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/14-679  for entry details. Entries on the line accepted.


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Follow Jane Moore’s attempt on the End to End Record


Jane Moore 2014-07-28At 6:00am next Monday 4th August, Jane Moore will start her attempt on the End to End tricycle record and potentially the 1,000mile record. Her Directeur Sportif is the one and only Mark Brooking, so she couldn’t be in more capable, caring and knowledgeable hands. While Jane has been out training for this marathon Mark has been carefully planning the attempt and bringing all the officials and helpers together for this event.

The Tricycle Association will be providing regular updates on Jane’s Attempt on their site (see here), so please check regularly to see how her attempt is going .

For a full schedule of her journey please download this PDF file - Jane Moore – E2E_Schedule

Good luck Jane!

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Club Monthly Meeting – Friday 1 August

town crier

There will be a Monthly Club Meeting on Friday 1 August 2014 at 8.00 p.m.  at the Hillingdon Track Club House. All Willesden Members welcome to come along.

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Results from Reading 21st July

Tom Zittel had his first win on the track at Reading last Monday. Kye Lewis also rode and is making great progress in his age category. Ray George made a welcome return to track racing after a gap of many years.

3rd 10 lap scratch
1st Devil
1st 500m Sprint
2nd ‘B’ 20k scratch (1st prime & 8th overall)
Kye Lewis (D League):
4th U12 flying 200m (6th overall)
3rd U12 Sprint
3rd U12 6 lap scratch (4th overall)
1st U12 Devil (2nd overall)
Ray George (C league):
4th 6lap scratch (10th overall)
1st 500m Sprint
4th 9lap points (10th overall)
3rd 10lap scratch (9th overall)
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Ed Packard’s on the Front ……




Dear Willesden clubmates,

Between 2 and 10 August I will be cycling from the north coast of Belgium down to the Franco-Swiss border as part of a small team aiming to trace the route of the Western Front. We are doing this to mark the centenary of the First World War breaking out in Europe, and to raise money for two charities that provide for ex-servicemen and women (the Lord Kitchener Memorial Holiday Centre in Lowestoft and Gardening Leave, which provides horticultural therapy). As part of the link between past and present, my sister Emily, a nurse in the Royal Navy (and winner of a ‘Milly’ award in 2013 for her work in Afghanistan and other dangerous places), is part of our support crew.

This adventure will require cycling somewhere in the region of 500 miles: several days of long, flat stages will be quite literally topped off at the end with an ascent into the Vosges mountains (followed by a weary descent). Even this terrain witnessed fierce fighting during the war.

As some of you may know, I’m a historian by profession, so I’m looking forward to combining cycling with a chance to travel through some of the landscapes I have read so much about. More poignantly, it will be impossible to avoid the lingering scars on the countryside and the immaculate cemeteries which record the deaths of vast numbers of young men. Given that our ride will coincide with the anniversary of the outbreak of war, it will also be an unrepeatable chance to experience the commemorations and to try and understand what the ‘war to end all war’ means to people a hundred years after it began.

The ride has a website here: http://oldfrontline.angliatours.co.uk/

You can also follow our progress via twitter: @OldFrontLine

I’d be really grateful for any donations via MyDonate

When I return, I’ll be sure to provide a write up of our adventures!

Many thanks, and I hope you’re all having enjoyable cycling summers,

Ed Packard

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Rocco’s Ride Sun.20th July 2014

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (17)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (16)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (15)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (14)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (13)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (12)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (11)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (10)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (9)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (8)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (7)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (6)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (5)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (4)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (3)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (2)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (1)

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx

Rocco's Ride July 2014 xx (18)Here are a few pictures of Rocco’s Ride

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Ray Tucker 6th in the World Duathlon Championships


I came 6th in my age group at the World Duathlon Champs in Pontevedra in Spain and the British team were crowned World Champions followed by Spain, France, then USA and over 60 other countries.

The run phases were through the streets of Pontevedra but the bike course consisted of a 6 miles climb up a mountain followed by a white knuckle ride down the other side. I found it scary but enjoyed the whole experience and the camaraderie amongst the British team was great.

Ray Tucker

Spain 3

The World Champion British Team!

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Photos: Reading Grand Prix 2014

The Reading Grand Prix was held on Saturday 19th July  organised by Paul Gittings of Tri Cycle Sports. A number of Willesden riders took part.  Although not getting in the top three all our riders rode very well in this high level meeting. Tom and Connor completing a very fast 20k finishing in the main pack and Marianne rode the women’s 15k derny race.

All photos kindly provided by Jun Aishima

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Pub Run: Thurs 21 August

July 2014 Pub Run grow photoHi folks!

Glad to say that we have found a date for our pub outings that seems to work nicely. The third Thursday of the month is now Pub Run night.

This means the next Pub Run is on Thursday 21 August. You can also check the handy calendar page for all the dates going forward.

See you all there!


CZ x

Event: Pub Run
Date: Thurs 21 August 2014
Time: 8:00pm onwards
Venue: Coach and Horses Pub, 1 High Road, Ickenham, Middlesex UB10 8LJ
Enquiries: social@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk

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Brent & Kilburn Times – 17th July 14

The lastest round-up of WCC achievements is a regular feature of the sports pages of the Brent & Kilburn Times – thanks to Gladys Joy for writing these reports each week. So if you have a result or an event to publicise then Gladys Joy will be pleased to hear from you.

Last Thursday’s edition carried the following report from Gladys -

Brent & Kilburn Times - 2014 07 17

Full PDF version here -
Brent & Kilburn Times – 2014 07 17

Brent & Kilburn Times

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Latest Results

Yesterday our riders started from Ruislip riding 100Kms to commemorate Rocco Richardson who used to run the Audax events from there. Instead of entry fees his partner, Liz Creese accepted donations towards the Marie Curies nurses fund and £90 was raised.

On Wednesday afternoon Gill Reynolds took the 2nd fastest Lady on Standard in the London Vets 10mile at Tring recording 24.36 and Pete Cookson finished in 22.2 his fastest time this year.

Gill travelled down to Farnham on Sunday to ride the Hounslow and Dist. Whls 25 miler and in spite of the heat returned a time of 1.07.29 for the distance.

On the Maidenhead Thicket course on Thursday evening in the Middlesex R.C. 10 Darryl Lusardi rrecorded 24.31 and his Dad Tony 25.36. (I think they were taking a break from circuit racing as this week there was so many buckled wheels and broken spokes at Hillingdon on Tuesday evening they are still sorting out the results!)

Tom Zittel rode at Reading track on Monday finishing 2nd in both the the Derny final and the 20Kms races.

All for now,

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Chiltern Cycling Festival

A superb day in Amersham for the Chiltern Cyling Festival, with Willesden riders taking part in the 100km ride, and Adam Huddle winning first prize for most authentic vintage rider.

Great also to see Willesden’s Tour De France rider, Ken Mitchell, who was over from Australia for the Tour stages in the UK.

adam den ken

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Tour of Britain – September

Now that the Tour de France has left Britain, and most of the British riders have fallen off, we can turn our attention to the Tour of Britain.

The race goes through Great Missenden and Chesham on Friday 12 September, before two stages in London at the weekend.   Details of the route can now be found at http://www.visitbuckinghamshire.org/2014-Tour-of-Britain

There will no doubt be a club excursion to both the Bucks and London stages.



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Brent & Kilburn Times – 10th July 14

The weekly report of the club’s achievements in the Brent & Kilburn Times. Thanks to Galdys Purdy (WCC Press Officer) for keeping up the good work.

Brent & Kilburn Times - 2014 07 10

Brent & Kilburn Times – 2014 07 10

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WCC Go-Ride Races at Hillingdon – 25th July

Go Ride 2014-07-25

The Willesden will be holding Go-Ride races at Hillingdon cycle racing circuit on Friday 25th July, commencing 5.30 pm. These are specifically aimed at novice young riders under 16 years old. The races are being held to celebrate the Tour de France’s phenomenally successful three days in England. The evening will consist of a variety of short races both on the tarmac cycle circuit as well as on the grass at Hillingdon.

To mark the occasion British cycling will be providing medals as well as T Shirts for the entrants. Entry cost is £2 per rider. Riders must bring their own bikes and helmets.

We will need marshals and helpers. Anyone who can help, please report to Ray Kelly at 5.30pm. Senior riders would be needed to ride round the circuit behind the racers as rolling marshalls.

Ray Kelly

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Our U18s at the London Youth Games

The WCC Under 18s were a corner stone of Team Brent at last Saturday’s London Youth Games held in wet conditions at Crystal Palace. These games are Europe’s largest youth sports festival with over 30 different sports taking place. The games help promote sport as well identifying and developing young sporting talent in London.

Brent is very strong at football, but it is good to see that their cycling team is continually improving. This year the cyclists finished in overall 11th place, which was a marked improvement on last year’s 17th place.

Here are some excellent pictures of the day (when it wasn’t raining!) taken by Cathal Macilwaine.

Ray Kelly
WCC Under18 Directeur Sportif


London Youth games 2014-6 London Youth games 2014-5 London Youth games 2014-4 London Youth games 2014-3 London Youth games 2014-2 London Youth games 2014-1

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Brent and Kilburn Times – 3rd July 14

Gladys Purdy does a great job of submitting a weekly report to the Brent & Kilburn Times. As well as valuable publicity for the club, the reports are a good round up of results for all club members. So please send your results and photos to Gladys and she’ll make sure you’ll appear in the next edition.

b and K times - 2014 07 03

PDF version –  B and K Times – 2014 07 03

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Willesden Regatta: Tues 29 July

Willesden Regatta 2013 - cyclists in canoes

Hi folks

Thanks to the kind organisation of fellow member and keen paddler Sue Palmer, we have the chance to do a kayaking session down at Longridge Activity Centre in Marlow! The second annual Willesden Regatta is born. Last summer’s session was excellent fun, with a lovely sunset paddle along the Thames, learning basic kayaking skills and playing a few games too.

The session will last for 1 hour and a quarter, and the cost is £12 per person. Beginners welcome, no experience is necessary. We will meet at 6:15 for a 6:30 departure. Come along leaving enough time to get changed and down to the waterfront, and to collect your lifejacket and paddle.

You will need to wear something like t-shirt, shorts, and shoes you don’t mind getting wet! (And bring a towel for drying off.) We might even choose a cosy pub nearby to congregate at afterwards.

A minimum of 13 people are required for the session to run, and there are a maximum of 16 places available, so get in quick!

Once you have registered, you are committing to pay your £12, as Sue has to pre-pay the full cost of the session personally, and has generously agreed to do this so that we can all enjoy the session. Please bring cash on the night to cover your attendance.

Book to attend via Eventbrite

See you there!


CZ x

Event: Willesden Regatta (fun kayaking session)
Date: Tuesday 29 July 2014
Time: 18:15 for 18:30 session start
Price: £12 per person
Venue: Longridge Activity Centre, Quarry Wood Road, Marlow, Bucks SL7 1RE
Booking: Book to attend via Eventbrite
Enquiries: Email social@willesdencyclingclub.org.uk

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