Reliability timings


For those of you who didn’t get the email earlier, here is the Reliability Finisher List. No times as it’s not a race. It shows the 100 was fairly hard.

For privacy reasons this blog post will only be up until MailChimp runs.

Time elected (Hours) Within time?
3.5 Rick Fetherston
3.5 Rory Mackay
3.5 John McCleland
3.5 Peter McDermott
3.5 Daniel Slutzkin
3.5 Nigel Stevens
4 Andrew Bates
4 Daniel Bingham
4 Glenn Carp
4 Tim Childs
4 Paul Dean
4 Hilton Freund
4 Dave Gayler
4 Des Gayler
4 Simon Hall
4 Craig Harris
4 Mark Hirschel
4 Mateusz Kolodziej
4 Keith Loveman
4 Russell O’Malley
4 Jaysal Patel
4 Graham Pettit
4 Ben Ray
4 Thomas Saminaden
4 Jeremy Simpson
4 Daniel Tredler
4 Mark Vogler
4.5 David Bietrix Yes
4.5 Leon Binding Yes
4.5 Adam Elderfield Yes
4.5 Guy Green Yes
4.5 Daniel Russell Yes
4.5 Graham Bence
4.5 Thomas Bowden
4.5 David Carter
4.5 Paul Doel
4.5 Gemma Ellis
4.5 Andy Flint
4.5 Pierre-François Gerard
4.5 Giles Greenhalgh
4.5 Phill Harding
4.5 Andrew Hunt
4.5 Steve Joiner
4.5 Dalia M-R
4.5 Phill Newman
4.5 Simon Nicholson
4.5 Ian Nissenbaum
4.5 Hannah Peters
4.5 Duncan Radbourne
4.5 Chris West
5 Graeme Crowston Yes
5 Alan Devlin Yes
5 Gus Mc Yes
5 Karrie Archer
5 Nathalie Cornilleau
5 Vince Dey
5 Paul Hodgson
5 Kevin Hurley
5 Gary Martin
5 Gillian Morgan
5 Simon O’Hagan
5 Geoff Oliver
5 Tom Tichler
5.5 Martin Shewen Yes
5.5 Dane Simpson Yes
5.5 Denise Yeats Yes
5.5 Greg Lawes
6 Sean Bannister Yes
6 Marianne Harding Yes
6 David Saul
2.5 Anne Bennett Yes
2.5 Dave Brown Yes
2.5 James Edwards Yes
2.5 Robert Edwards Yes
2.5 Chris Handley Yes
2.5 Chris Kelly Yes
2.5 David Knight Yes
2.5 Helena Kvepa Yes
2.5 Anthony Lee Yes
2.5 Darryl Lusardi Yes
2.5 Andrew Mears Yes
2.5 Lisanne Searle Yes
2.5 Andrew Stock Yes
2.5 Kenny Tang Yes
2.5 Connor Woodford Yes
2.5 Sylvene Baxter
2.5 Patrick Bucek
2.5 Helena Clarke
2.5 Amanda Coombs
2.5 Steven Dwyer
2.5 Lynda Hiscoke
2.5 Ray Kelly
2.5 James Mears
2.5 Wendy Mears
2.5 Richard Millar
2.5 Sandra Padilla
2.5 Liz Sullivan
2.5 John Wheatley
2.5 Jane Wright
Not known Simon Jones
Not known Henry Linscott
Not known Ross McArthur
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Resting after the Willesden Reliability 2018

WCC reliability 2018 (1)

WCC reliability 2018 (2)

WCC reliability 2018 (5)

WCC reliability 2018 (6)

WCC reliability 2018 (7)

WCC reliability 2018 (8)

WCC reliability 2018 (10)

WCC reliability 2018 (11)

WCC reliability 2018 (12)

WCC reliability 2018 (13)

WCC reliability 2018 (14)

WCC reliability 2018 (15)

WCC reliability 2018 (16)

WCC reliability 2018 (17)

WCC reliability 2018 (18)

WCC reliability 2018 (19)

WCC reliability 2018 (20)

WCC reliability 2018 (21)

WCC reliability 2018 (22)

WCC reliability 2018 (23)

WCC reliability 2018 (24)

WCC reliability 2018 (25)

WCC reliability 2018 (27)

WCC reliability 2018 (28)

WCC reliability 2018 (29)

WCC reliability 2018

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Classic Audax Bike for Sale.

Dan Duncan Jones - Bike

Willesden CC member Dan Duncan-Jones is looking to sell his impressive Roberts Audax 27″ frame.

Dan bought the bike  in 1989 (frame no. 8847) and it’s equipped with a Campagnolo Chorus triple, 10 speed, with a 29 sprocket on the back. The chain and cassette are new. The frame has been resprayed a couple of times and has always been put back together by the Bike Shop in North Harrow.

Dan say’s the bike is a reliable machine that can be used for either touring, commuting or as a training bike? It is on sale for £450.

If you are interested then please contact Dan via the comments section below.


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Help with the Willesden Reliability Rides

I need some help, please, for the Willesden Reliability Rides which are being held on Sunday, 18th February.
Catering is taken care of by Vyv and her team.

Ride Flyer

Ride Flyer

I want the routes checked any time between now and the weekend beforehand.

On the Friday or Saturday route signage put up. This has to happen close to the event as it tends to get taken down by nimbys.

On the day, help at the start. You can be taking part in the event, it will just mean turning up by 0830 to help sign on etc. If you are not taking part I would be pleased to get some help with arrivals, depending on field size.

An event photographer to get some pictures for here and WCC website and as publicity for next year. It will involve being at the start and somewhere photogenic out on route.

Reasonable out of pocket expenses will be met and you will have my and the club’s gratitude as a reward.

Let me know by email to Thank you

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The Reliability Ride for club members

This is on Sunday, February 18th. Some improvements have been made since last year and with reasonable weather it should be a great event.

It is an open event and Willesden CC members have no priority for places. Insurance limits the event to 200 riders. Last year we got over 100 ,with negligible publicity, since it was launched very late in the day following the passing away of Mike Ellison, who was running the event before me.  This year it will be much better publicised and the intention is to sell out, so you may wish to register soon.

Details and online application can be found at

If you cannot pay online, then send me a cheque for £8 per entrant, made out to Ian

Ride Flyer

Oliver, with a note giving the name and email address or phone number of each entrant. The cheque must arrive no later than Monday 5th February and entrants paid for this way must be club members. I will be leaving an allocation of spaces for this which should be enough to give everyone doing it this way a place. You will need to fill out a form with some personal details at the ride start.

My address is 68 St Dunstans Ave, London W3 6QJ.

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The following were elected as office.  As you can see there are number of roles that need to be filled.  Younger members are asked to come forward and help in the running of the club.

President                –         Gladys Purdy

Vice President        –         Jim Love, Ron Newell, Jean Newell, Stan Vygus

Chairman                –         VACANT

Vice Chairman       –         VACANT

General Secretary  –         VACANT 

Treasurer                 –         Greg Lawes

Membership & Recruitment    –   Ian Oliver

Webmaster            –         Rich Cooper

Magazine/Newsletter    –         This position to be deleted

Time Trial Secretary      –         Tony Flynn

Road Race Secretary      –         Jayne Paine

Track Racing Secretary  –         Tony Woodford

Timekeeper      –         VACANT

Assistant Timekeepers         –         VACANT

Social Secretary           –         VACANT

Touring Secretary        –         Martin Lucas

Assistant Touring Secretary   –         Ian Oliver

Equipment Officer   –         Ray Kelly

Printer & Distributor       –         This position to be deleted

Club Captain    –         Brian Moon

Vice Club Captain     –         Gill Reynolds

Press Secretary     –         VACANT

Trophy Secretary   –         VACANT

Trustees        –         Gladys Purdy,  Jenny Wright

Accounts Examiners     –         Liz Creese, Ian Birch

Welfare Officer          –         Gill Reynolds

Youth Representative     –         Anastasia Vockic

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07 Jan 18, Marlow Sports Centre
14 Jan 18, Roald Dahl Cafe, Missenden
21 Jan 18, Bridgewater Monument, Ashridge
28 Jan 18, Billingbear Golf CentreMay b
04 Feb 18, Aston Clinton
11 Feb 18, Moss End Garden Centre
18 Feb 18, WCC Reliability
18 Feb 18, Lookout, Bracknell Forest
25 Feb 18, Garden Centre, Horsley Green,Stokenchurch
04 Mar 18, The Orchard View Farm, Little Meadle
11 Mar 18, Cheddington, Canal Centre
18 Mar 18, Craft Centre, Wokingham
25 Mar 18, Red Lion Cafe, Bradenham

This list is published on behalf of the Club Run coordinator.
Rides are subject to change.
(I am an innocent party in this)


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Willesden Family Christmas Party


Family Christmas Party Christmas Party will be held on Friday 22 December 2017, starting from 5.00 p.m. at the Hillingdon track club house.

Bring some presents for Santa to dish out to your children or favourite person, some nosh, and also Xmas cards to exchange with your pals.  Childrens/Oldies/Friends are welcome, so come along to partake in the games and fun and don’t forget the kids!

If you get there early, the Minet Ladies will welcome you with lashings of tea and food, so there is no excuse to be late.

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REMINDER – AGM – Sunday 3 December 2017

This year’s AGM will be held on Sunday 3 December 2017 at Ickenham Guide Hut, Community Close, Ickenham, UB10 8RE starting at 2.30 p.m.

The Willesden needs to be dragged into the 21st century so I am appealing to the younger members to come along to the meeting to put themselves forward for some of the vacant positions to help run the club as they would like it run.

The following positions are vacant:

Treasurer, Press Secretary, Membership Secretary, Time Trial Secretary, Trophy Secretary, Timekeeper, and Social Secretary.

Club Secretary will also become available as I will be standing down from this role at the AGM.

Wendy Mears.




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Trophies held by WCC members.

The following trophies are in the possession of the winners for the 2016 season. Please could you bring them to the AGM on December 3rd 2017 at the Ickenham Guide Hut,  Community Close, Ickenham, UB10 8RE . The meeting starts at 2:30 pm. If you can’t attend please arrange for their return by that date to Jim Mears on 01494 862 372 or

Men’s RR …Alex Pierce   (never returned after 2015 season)

Schoolgirl RR…Anastasia Vockic

Men’s track…Tom Zittel

Junior track…Connor Woodford

Schoolgirl track…Lucie Woodford

Erica Spring…Gill Reynolds

Tandem TT…Mark Brooking or Jane Moore

Audax Merit…Peter Turnbull

Audax tandem…Mark or Jane

Sash of Honour…John Wheatly

Hill climb…Tom Zittel

It is very important to get the trophies back so they can be engraved and passed onto the 2017 winners and for the new trophy secretary to look after.

Thank you,

Jim Mear



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Revised 2017 Trophy Winners List

After more searching and input from WCC members here is the (nearly) final list of trophy winners for 2017. If no new claims are made by the AGM on 3/12/17 then this list will be used for trophies and medals.  Send any info to:

Johnny Walker Senior RR…..Jake Hales  Spirit Tifosi

Dulcie Walker RR………………Danny Axford  Arctic Tacx RT

Men’s RR Champion………….Darryl Lusardi  46 points

Ladies RR Champion…………..Jayne Paine     49 points

Vets RR Champion……………..Jayne Paine

Junior RR Champion………….no winner found

Schoolboy RR Champion…….Frankie Snell 6 points

Schoolgirl RR Champion…… winner found

Men’s Track Champion……….Sam Grant

Ladies Track Champion………no winner

Junior Track Champion………no winner

Schoolgirl Track Champion…Lucie Woodford

Schoolboy Track Champion…James Foley

Ladies TT Champion………….Jane Moore , 10,25, 50 TT , average 18.99mph

Ladies fastest 10 miles TT …..Jayne Paine   23:45

Men’s TT Champion……………no winner found

Men’s fastest 10 mile TT ……..Tony Flynn 22:40

Men’s fastest 25 mile TT………Tony Flynn  58:22

Men’s 50 mile TT……………… winner found

Fastest 100 mile TT…………….Jane Moore  6:15:48  (Trike)

Vets TT ,10,25,50 mile TT……not decided, but could be Jane Moore,if she is a vet.

Junior TT Champion…………..James Foley   25 tt  1:21:23 and 29.5 tt  1:25:33

Schools/Junior 10 TT Champion….. Altay Shaw  30:11

Hcp 25 TT…………………………no winner found

Novice 25 TT………………………no winner found

Tandem TT……………………….no winner found

Men’s Audax Champion………Mel Kirkland  100 points

Ladies Audax Champion……Jane Moore 12 points

Audax Merit…………………… be chosen at AGM

Audax Tandem……………… winner found

Schools/Junior Audax…… winner found

Jack Eason International….Stewart Birnie:  Trans America and Trans contiental.

Stayers 12/24 hour TT……..Jane Moore  24 hr :310.34 miles   12hr : 183.655 miles

Sportive………………………….no winner found

Marshalling ……………………J. Davies, J. Wheatley , R. Crouch, R. Purdy , W. Mears and many more not named jointly deserve a mention, impossible to choose just one. All that can be done is to give a big thank you to everyone for  marshalling this year.

Champion Tout Terraine…Frankie Snell : 4th place at Black Park ,  well done.

Freewheel and Friathon to be held on the morning of the AGM.

If you can correct any of the above or can fill in the gaps please let me know ASAP.    PS. Please return trophies you have from last year, Thanks    Jim Mears

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Upcoming subs payments for 2018… fill in a quick online form and you won’t have to remember to pay them

To make your lives easier we are now using a direct debit system. This will save you remembering to pay your subs for 2018 and following years, as the money will simply be taken from your account on New Years Day. Cancelling is easy too!

Remember: NO MONEY WILL BE TAKEN until January next year!


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Entries open for the Willesden Reliability, Sunday 18th February

Online entries are now open for either a gentle 50Km ride or a definitely challenging 100Km and a bit ride, you can choose which you do on the day, both starting from Chalfont St Peter. Online entry is £8, on the day £10 – VyV and team’s excellent catering included, making it a smashing bargain.

Route improvements to the 100K take it off the A404 and and off the A40 at the end – but the hills are still there. Given what the lanes can be like in mid February there are no steep descents on any of them. The route will be signed, but this time not with the Willesden jungle green.

There is more info here.

Enter online

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Jayne Paine has been busy on the track and although she did the slowest pursuit she has ever done it was, however, good enough for GOLD.  Jayne also picked up SILVERS in the 500m TT and the Points race.  She did the Team Sprint but she said “the least said about that the better”.

Jayne couldn’t stay for the Scratch Race and she didn’t get up early enough for the Sprints, but she had a great weekend at the new indoor velodrome at Derby.

She is now “Now Knackered” – Jayne’s own words.

Well done Jayne, you are amazing!

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There are a number of vacancies in The Willesden.

We need to be dragged into the 21st century so I am appealing to the younger members to come forward and help run the club as they would like it run.  Our Rules and Handbook needs to be updated.  The following officers are becoming vacant: 


Press Secretary 

Membership Secretary

Time Trial Secretary

Trophy Secretary


Social Secretary

The Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony falls under the umbrella of the social secretary; however, this position has been vacant for a couple of years now and it looks as though this annual event will not happen in 2018 unless someone comes forward to organise it.

I also intend to step down from Secretary at the AGM so that position will become vacant . 

Please come to the AGM on Sunday 3 December 2017 at Ickenham Guide Hut, Community Close, Ickenham, UB10 8RE starting at 2.30 pm and put yourself forward for one of these exciting opportunities in getting the Club reorganised and restructure.

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2017 Trophies

The 31st of October is the end of our season for winning trophies and medals.

Please contact Jim Mears your Trophy Secretary with results you have had such as track or road racing or audax points, time trial placings and times or any other cycling events  you have done, the more information the better.  Check out the trophy list on the blog under “About”, there is a trophy for everyone no matter how little you think you have done.

Send information to:,    subject   “WCC Trophy”.

For those of you who have trophies in their possession please return them to Jim no later than the AGM on Sunday, December 3rd or contact via email or call 01494 862 372 to make arrangements for return.


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Last weekend’s Audaxes

By Martin Lucas

The 13th edition of the Willesden CC organised Nyctophobic 100 km and Anfractuous 200 km audax events starting from Chalfont St Peter took place on 14th October. Good autumn weather had been requested and duly delivered for the events with over 90 riders enjoying the autumn colours and quiet roads. As usual on audax events there was good cross section of bikes from lightweight carbon frames to tourers and a few fixed wheel machines, plus a tandem and a fast looking recumbent.

The Nyctophobic route headed through Marlow then climbed to Christmas Common before descending to Watlington and the Waterside Cafe at Benson. After suitable refreshment the riders returned to Chalfont via Cookley Green, Marlow and Cookham. The longer Anfractuous route continued from Benson through the Berkshire downs to Wantage and Lambourn and returned via a fine selection of lanes to Pangbourne and Henley before joining the Nyctophobic route at Marlow.
On returning to Chalfont the riders were able to relax, chat and refuel in the hall. Hot food including home-made lentil & tomato soup, beans on toast as well as rice pudding, peaches and extra special bread pudding were available. Many thanks to Liam, Ian, Maria and Wendy & Jim who volunteered to help at the hall. It was great to have your assistance!
The next Willesden audax event is the Willy Warmer 200 km on 20th January 2018 from Chalfont St Peter. It is a great way to get some winter miles in and perhaps push the distance a little. Entries available on-line here:
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Willesden win Audax Organisers Trophy

The Willesden’s commitment to laying on great audax events has been recognised by Audax UK.  The Squadra Verde has won the Organisers’ Award for 2017 which goes to the club which is responsible for the most rider points. Simply put, more people rode further thanks to the Willesden last year than with any other club!

The award is based on the number of points earned by riders on events organised by a club.  A 200km ride – the minimum distance for this award – gives 2 points per rider, 3 points for a 300km ride and so on. Willesden has a regular program of 2, 3, 400km events from which it has accumulated 1,489 points over the season.  Second place was taken by Audax Club Mid Essex, with 1,475 points and BlackSheep CC, who organise a string of 200km events in Tewkesbury were third.

The news will come as no surprise to followers of the long distance scene.  For many years Willesden’s popular Willy Warmer 200km and 3Down 300km events which run in the Spring, and the Autumn Anfractuous events have attracted  strong fields. Members have added new events to the Audax Calendar such as the London Ditchling Devil 200km organised by Paul Stewart and a revitalised 7Across – now known as the London Wales London 400km – organised by Liam FitzPatrick. With a regular field of 350+ riders, the London Ditchling Devil is the largest Brevet Randonneur (200km+) event in the AUK Calendar, and with 150 riders already signed up for 2018, London Wales London has joined an elite group of Audax events with a waiting list!  Anne Mograby and Ian Oliver also run 50k and 100k Brevet Populaire  events from Maidenhead. These popular shorter events attract a steady flow of riders, many of who go on to ride longer events.

Audax riding is undergoing something of a renaissance and is appealing to a new generation of cyclists. In particular it is winning-over riders from sportives who are looking for a more sociable challenge.  The fact that events are run by volunteers who give up considerable time planning, marketing and organising rides adds to the appeal.

The Trophy will be presented at the AUK Annual Reunion in November and Willesden organiser Paul Stewart will be on hand to raise the cup for the Club.

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Accredited Marshal training

Patrick Kavanagh, who helped us recently at the Willesden promoted John & Dulcie Walker Road Races, has sent details of further free training courses for anyone who would like to become an Accredited Marshal.  There are no races in Central Region which take place without AMs now so racing relies on these volunteers.

Courses are available in February at Hillingdon, Milton Keynes Bowl, and Warmington on Sea (the latter most famous as the setting for Dad’s Army).

Join a course now.

Accredited Marshal training

The Central region has one of the most diverse race calendars in the UK and was the first region to use accredited marshals. British Cycling is leading the way with making road events safer for all road users to ensure road racing stays on the road and is safer for all.

The region is looking to recruit more Accredited Marshals to support the 2018 road season. Click below to learn more about the role, training requirements and upcoming training courses.

Learn more about Accredited Marshals

Training courses for Accredited Marshals are available at Milton Keynes Bowl on Saturday 10 February 2018, at Warmington on Saturday 17 February 2018 and Hillingdon on Sunday 25 February 2018.

Details about the Milton Keynes course

Details about the Hillingdon course

Details about the Warmington course

We hope these courses will be of interest and you will want to be involved as a British Cycling Accredited Marshal.  

Yours in sport,

Patrick Kavanagh 

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Club Runs Oct-Dec 2017

A new club runs list* is now published:  WCC-Club-Runs-OCT-DEC 2017

Terms and conditions apply*




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