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The 3rd of June dawned bright and sunny for the annual 10 Bridges and Kaf 2 Kaf Audax events. Brevet cards, entry forms, route sheets and validation stickers all ready for the hoped vast crowds of on the line entries. At the beginning all that could be seen was a sea of red and black Maidenhead Cycling Club, Where was the green of Willesden? However that soon appeared with many Willesden members riding the 64km route.

Ray Kelly devised an off road route for the Kaf 2 Kaf which was definitely the high (or low point) of the ride for many.  We had 55 riders on the 10 Bridges and 14 on the Kaf 2 Kaf. It was hot day with temperatures in the high 20’s. It was even hot sitting in the shade. A good day was had by all.

Thanks to everyone who rode and supported the event. Special thanks to David Dyer for bringing along about a dozen of his riding buddies from MCC . From me a big thank you to John Tipping who was my right hand man all day and also to Mick Hill and Ian Oliver who helped at the busy times. I hope this event has wetted your appetite for more Audax rides, the next one is organised by Ian Oliver and is on 1st July.

Anne Mograby


am1The many of the Maidenhead!

am2The Kaf 2 KAF riders set off to Mud-enhead….

am4Anne, Mick and John with the Kaf 2 Kaf riders

am3Anne with a big turn out for the 10 Bridges ride.

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