2015 Trophy Winners

Here is the list of trophy winners for 2015 as I and other officers see it. If there are any objections or if any unclaimed trophies can be claimed please contact me with details at,  james.mearswcc@btinternet.com  or telephone: 01494 862 372 asap as medals will be ordered soon.                Thanks, Jim Mears   WCC Trophy Secretary.


Men’s RR champion:                          Alex Pierce 29 points

Ladies’ RR champion:                        Jayne Paine 37 points

Vets RR champion:                            Jayne Paine

Junior RR Champion:                         Connor Woodford 8 points

Schoolboy RR champion:                   Josh Copley 15 points

Schoolgirl RR champion:                    none claimed, none found



Men’s track champion:                       Connor Woodford

Ladies track champion:                      Jayne Paine

Junior track champion:                       Darryl Lusardi

Schoolgirl track champion:                  Lucie Woodford

Schoolboy track champion:                Josh Copley


Time Trial

Ladies TT champion:                         Gill Reynolds   22.965 mph avg.

Erica Spring 10 mile tt trophy:             Gill Reynolds:  24:48

Men’s TT champion:                          Stuart Birnie:  25.289 mph avg.

Nick Tidmarsh 10 mile cup:                 Stuart Birnie:  20:53

Dunning Cup 25 mile TT:                    Stuart Birnie:  55:12

Alf Peyton 50 mileTT cup:                  Stuart Birnie:  01:51:09

Palmer Trophy 100 mile TT:                Stuart Birnie:  03:52:24

Vets TT champion:                            Gill Reynolds

Junior TT champion:                          no claims, none found

School person 10 TT:                        Josh Copley: 21:46 (new record)

Hcp 25 (jim Revill):                           no winner

Novice 25 (Jackson cup):                   no winner

Tandem TT champions (Reg Yates);    Mark Brooking/Jane Moore: 12 Hr-206.95 miles/24Hr-347.95miles. Avg speed over both- 15.872 mph.



Men’s audax champion:                      Martin Lucas  145 points

Ladies audax champion:                     Jane Moore 34 points

John (Rocco) Richardson Audax merit: awarded at AGM

School person audax champion:          no claims, none found

Audax Tandem (S. Grison) :                Mark Brooking/Jane Moore  32 Points


Other Trophies

Jack Eason International trophy:          Martin Lucas: For riding the Eiger Sanction and the Manch to Med, 200K/day over 2 weeks in September

WCC stayers trophy:                         Stuart Birnie: 12Hr-278.60 miles and 24Hr-504.11 miles-TTs

NYGL sportive cup:                           no claims

Marshalling trophy:                            The Purdies

Mug of the Year:                              no nominations as yet

Sash of Honour:                               awarded at the AGM

Hill climb champion:                          James Edwards: 2 min 32 sec

Champion tout terraine (off road):       Rich Cooper

Freewheeling contest:                        On AGM day

Friathon:                                         On AGM day

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  1. Andrew palmer says:

    Can you put me in contact with Martin Lucas, I was looking to do the Eiger Sanction this year.

    Many thanks


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